Environmental and sustainability programmes

The actions that Barceló Group takes to fulfil its commitment to the sustainability and to the respect for the environment frame in 6 spheres of activity: waste management; power saving; sustainable design and construction; training; information; and restoration of the native ecosystem.

Waste management

Barceló Group has installed in most hotels recycling bins (aluminium, plastic, glass and paper) and a waste separation container. Organic waste is used in a compost programme or for other appropriate applications. Some hotels have also installed cardboard compactors which facilitate storage and allow a reduction in the number of trucks necessary for collection.

Concerning dangerous waste such as batteries, used oil, freon tanks and others, they are stored separately waiting to be given to a company authorized for collection. In addition, thanks to the participation of Barceló Group in the Planet Partners programme led by Hewlett Packard, empty ink cartridges and toners are collected for their further treatment and reusability.

Power saving and biodegradable products

Encouraging power and water saving, as well as the use of renewable energies and biodegradable products, are some of the principles applied by the maintenance departments of Barceló Group Hotels.

Some examples of the mechanisms used to favour power saving are the installation of temperature control computing systems whose optimization allows to obtain over 20% of power saving; the installation of heat recoverers to reduce the general consumptions up to a 60%; the installation of low-temperature (55º) heating circuits and refrigeration based on water condensation; and the installation of separate circuits which allow the regulation of electricity use even inside lounges and bedrooms.

Other regulation mechanisms which have been installed in different hotels are low-energy light bulbs; presence detectors to turn the lights on and off; card slots in the rooms to disconnect electricity; and timer units to program the lighting of exterior, noble areas, and many others.

Some hotels also have solar power plants which are mainly used to heat water; “free cooling” crossed ventilation systems, highly used in the Caribbean hotels and thanks to which the use of air conditioning is reduced; water-saving faucets where water is not hot until the control goes over half, and many others.

Finally, concerning water saving some hotels are equipped with washbasins and showers with air/water heads, washbasin faucets with presence detectors, double flush toilets, dripping irrigation systems, and purification and grey waters reusability systems, as well as the introduction of environmental programmes in collaboration with customers where they are encouraged to reuse towels and sheets in order to reduce water and electricity consumption and to protect the environment

Sustainable design and construction

Newly built hotels clearly show Barceló Group's commitment to sustainability. The Construction department watches over the design and the execution of the project, so that both care for the environment and for the incorporation of ecological materials, saving systems and renewable energies, and also guarantee that the later running of the hotel is as sustainable as possible.


The introduction of the environmental and sustainability management programmes mentioned in this section means training, which mainly aims to obtain a greater ecological awareness of the staff as well as the assimilation of new processes in their daily routines which are focused on power saving and recycling.


For the introduction of certain ecological measures in the hotels to be effective, the customers's active participation is a must. That is why the hotels provide information about the existence of such measures inviting guests to collaborate in their application, recommending, for example, to reuse towels and sheets, an adequate use of the air conditioning systems, and many others.

Restoration of the native ecosystem

This is probably one of the most unknown aspects of the environmental multiplying effect of tourism. The arrival of this industry, now clean and sustainable, to emerging destinations has permitted in many cases to embellish the area and to restore different native fauna and flora species, which are an extra to the tourist attractions of the area. Some of the initiatives taken by Barceló Group have been the restoration of mangrove swamps after the execution of different projects in the Mayan Riviera (Mexico) and the Dominican Republic, the restoration of beaches using ecological methods in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) and Fuerteventura (Spain), the active participation by Barceló Colón Miramar (Ecuador) in recovery programs of Playa de Salinas, the protection of turtles setting up aid programmes to return their babies to the sea in Cancun (Mexico), the protection of animal species which arrive injured at the hotel, such as Streptopelia birds (Turtle doves) at Barceló Costa Cancun, and many others.