Group philosophy and values

Barceló Group is a family-run company that focuses its activity on the development of different tourism businesses, which are vertically integrated in one business structure.

Although its main interests are hotel management and retailer and inbound tour operator networks, Barceló Group is open to participation in other areas in order to foster its diversification in tourism-related business.

The company’s own Code of Ethics and the commitments undertaken on signing the Code of Conduct for the protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism and the World Treaty for the Defence of Human Rights and the Environment (Kyoto Protocol), guide the conduct of all the people who form part of the Barceló Group.

Commitment to society: as part of its corporate social responsibility and commitment to society and the environment, the Barceló Group subscribes to the Global Pact that is coordinated by the Culture Association of the United Nations and the Code of Conduct against the Sexual Exploitation of Children. It also collaborates with social non-profit entities such as Fundación Integra and Fundosa for the employment integration of excluded groups within the Company.

The main objectives of the company are to become a brand and business of reference within the national and international tourism sector; to ensure each and every one of its projects are cost-effective; to use its vast experience in the sector of city and holiday hotel management; to meet its clients’ expectations (guests, shareholders, employees, members and collaborators, suppliers and public administrations); to take advantage of business opportunities, open new markets and pioneer in the launch of new and innovative products and services; and to contribute to the welfare and to the social, political and economic development of the countries where it is present.

As base for reaching these targets, Barceló Group and all its members develop the following corporate values every day:

Spirit of service
Team work

Barceló Group has achieved the continuity it aimed for when it was created. Presently, in its third generation, these main values continue to prevail, making a firm commitment to the development of solid business.

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