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Mapa da Costa Rica

Mapa de Costa Rica

Mapa Tamarindo

Mapa de Tamarindo en Costa Rica

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  • Moeda: Colón. O dólar americano é aceite em geral (1 US $ = 360 colones, aproximadamente)
  • Hora oficial: UTC - 6.
  • Língua oficial: Espanhol (o inglês também é de uso comum)
  • Voltagem: 110 V


Costa Rica is a small country renowned globally for its great diversity and concentration of natural resources, its abundant areas of great historic and archaeological interest, its immaculate beaches and its numerous protected national parks. The country's natural scenery offers an incomparable experience for nature lovers with outdoor activities, such as sports fishing, diving and surfing.

Costa Rica displays all the characteristics of Latin culture with flavour, strength and happiness. The customs and traditions capture a snapshot of everyday life and other typical reflections of the people. Folk traditions have been retained, such as the nacional dance called "Punto Guanacasteco", the "Mascaradas", to the rhythm of a Cimarrona, which takes place during the Patron Saint Festivals in any village.

Costa Rica has a small indigenous population, known as the "Los Chorotegas" in the north of Costa Rica, who have been as equally influenced by the Mayan culture as by theAztecs. These people were considered a Meso-American culture which are usually found further south. The Guanacaste region was a point of convergence for the cultures of the north and the south and their confirmation exists in pieces of ceramic found in the area and currently housed by theNacional Museum, which show figures and designs with both Aztec and Inca on the same piece.

Description of the area

Playa Langosta one of the most beautiful beaches in the Tamarindo area, a beautiful coastal village located in the North of the Pacific Costa Rican coast, in the province of Guanacaste, very close to the country's protected areas of great biodiversity.

where you can enjoy beautiful surroundings filled with stunning scenery, such as the Tortugas Baulas National Park or the exotic Bosque Tropical.

Langosta beach is a fabulous place to sit and enjoy the relaxing ambience and get close to nature.

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Costa Rican gastronomy is rich and varied. From the freshest vegetables to tropical fruit, to the most exquisite dishes made with delicious seafood.

The country's most popular dishes are casado, rice with beans, mature plantain, salad and meat, chorreadas, thick green corn tortillas and empanadas, filled with cheese, beans or meat.

In Costa Rica there are numerous restaurants in which, as well as sampling the region's specialities, you can find the diverse specialities of international cooking.


The city of Tamarindo has many beautiful destinations that are worth visiting, including:

Santa Cruz. Folk city famous for its colourful fiestas where they serve delicious culinary specialities and exhibit numerous regional dances.

Guaitil. A small town where the traditional crafting by hand of various objects, including ceramics, is preserved in the style of the indigenous Chorotega people.

Guanacaste National Park. The province’s warm weather and climate provide the perfect conditions for growth for the thousands of species of wildlife to which it is home.

Barra Honda National Park. Here you will find numerous subterranean caves with depths of 15 to 100 metres.


If Costa Rica's natural environment is splendid, its arts and crafts are equally as brilliant.

Objects made from precious wood, coffee, banana paper, gold, clay, steel utensils and other materials are meticulously crafted by skilled local artisans. Local produce such as creams and alcohol made from sugar cane, coffee and chocolate are outstanding.