Quality programmes

The actions that Barceló Group takest to fulfil its commitment to quality frame in 4 spheres of activity: introduction of quality handbooks; training; survey development; and treatment of complaints and suggestions.

Introduction of quality handbooks

One of the methods used by Barceló Group to guarantee its standards is the fulfilment of a series of quality norms, both for services and facilities. Those parameters are established in quality handbooks that are introduced by the staff every time a new hotel is opened. Concerning customer care, norms are included to manage both the processes and the form in which the service is provided.


The introduction of quality handbooks means a previous qualification of the staff that has to apply them. In addition and beyond the initial training, the maintenance of quality at the hotels requires continuous training of staff in different areas, of its employees. Barceló Group makes special emphasis in languages, health and safety, food and beverage, risk prevention, customer care courses, and many others.

Survey development

Apart from the analysis that the company makes about the quality indicators of its own hotels, it often asks for independent surveys and anonymous inspections by means of a “mystery guest” with the aim of getting a better assessment of the degree of satisfaction of the services the hotels of the group provide.

Treatment of complaints and suggestions

Both the result of the quality assessments and the analysis of the complaints and suggestions made by customers, are used by Barceló Group to develop improvement plans.