Professional Development

In Barceló we believe in the continuous development of all our professionals, collaborating with the best business schools to train our managers through Barceló Campus, our own training environment created with the aim of giving the tools and abilities needed to perform their functions with excellence.

The strong international presence of Barceló Group contributes to the creation of policies that allow international mobility, career development in different countries and working in a highly enriching multicultural environment.

What to expect from Barceló

To be part of our team means to participate in a long term project, from which you can expect:

Professional Development: the expansion process that we are experiencing is going to open multiple opportunities to grow professionally. The access to these opportunities will depend on your talent and willingness to be part of the team.

Leadership: to be part of a solid organization that has one of the first positions in the touristic sector, with great reliability and a future perspective based on our Strategic Plan. All of that builds trust and the pride of belonging to the team.

Professionalism: our business objectives are ambitious and to reach them we want to have the best professionals to whom we ensure a working environment where people are valued for their influence and contribution for achieving our goals.