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Vacation is the ideal time to pamper yourself with one of the treatments offered at the Barceló Tambor***** hotel spa. You will come back renewed both on the outside and on the inside. Enjoy the skin and body benefits that each of our beauty and health treatments offer.

Zona de masajes del hotel Barceló Tambor Beach

Facial Treatments

Collagen Veils $80

· Skin exfoliation
· Collagen mask that helps prevent skin cell ageing, contains collagen, elastin, keratin, wheat germ and oats
· Includes a relaxation massage for hands and feet

Tensing Mask $80

· Skin exfoliation
· Includes a tensing mask that also helps prevent the signs of age in more specific areas.
· Includes a relaxing massage for hands and feet

Deep Treatment $80

· Skin exfoliation
· Descaling with sebum
· 2 in 1 mask, for oily skin and refreshing mask
· Includes a relaxing massage for hands and feet


Relaxing Massage (30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes) $30, $60 and $90

· The whole cranium, back, arms, legs, feet and face are treated to your favorite oil aroma (coconut, green tea, cinnamon, chocolate)

Sports Massage $30, $60 and $90

· A harder post-exercise massage for sportsmen and women. You can choose from several oil aromas, finding the perfect balance between muscle relaxation and well-being.

Hot stones Massage $80

· An extremely relaxing massage providing considerable relief from tensions and muscle spasms; stones are placed as tense muscles are treated, while a relaxing massage is performed on the rest of the body.

Detoxifying Massage $85

· A massage intended to drain toxins and waste substances from the body with an extremely relaxing technique.

Anti-ageing Massage $80

· This technique offers your skin maximum nourishment through the application of marine mud and nourishing vitamin gel.

Tired Leg Massage $80

· Procedure based on electrotherapy programs focusing on blood flow to relieve tiredness and a heavy sensation in your legs accompanied by a relaxing massage.

Aromatherapy $75

· Please your senses, reaching maximum relaxation in an area filled with exotic and natural fragrances to relieve tensions.

Reflexology $70

· Using the latest technology in muscular reflexology you will find the perfect balance between relaxation of your muscles and soothing internal issues.

Therapeutic Massage $90

· For the specific treatment of injuries, muscle problems or tension using electric currents programmed and focused on rehabilitating these areas.

Hair Salon

· Miniature braids $1
· Manicure $15
· French manicure $20
· Acrylic fingernails $60
· Pedicure $20
· French pedicure $25
· Pedicure for men $25
· Spa pedicure $60
· Haircut for men $15
· Beard $10
· Haircut for women $10 - $20
· Shampoo and blow-dry $20 - $50
· Bride's styling $65 - $90
· Make-up $40 - $50
· Hair color $40 - $100
· Highlights $50 - $100
· Perms $40 - $80
· Straightening $60 - $100


· Facial waxing $30
· Hand waxing $20
· Foot waxing $30