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Map of Ecuador

Map of Playa Salinas

Extra information

Currency used: American Dollar (USD).

Official time: UTC - 6

Population: Approximately 13 million inhabitants.

Official language: Spanish and Quechua.

Electricity: The power supply across the country is 110 V.

Methods of payment: Major international credit cards are accepted in most establishments. Traveller’s cheques are usually accepted with the appropriate identification.

Banking times: Banks are usually open from 09.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday and from 09.00 to 14.00 on Saturday.

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Destination information


Ecuador is a country endowed with great beauty and an array of ethnicities and scenery. There are wonderful places within Ecuador such as the virgin forests, the Andes mountains, as well as excellent marine ecosystems that are home to countless schools of brightly-coloured fish and giant turtles, like those of the Galápagos Islands.

Ecuador’s cultural heritage is another of its great attractions, including numerous archaeological Incan ruins or the historical centre of Quito, the country’s capital.

Description of the area

Located on the peninsula of Santa Elena, Salinas Beach is surrounded by a large number of salt water lagoons that are ideal for many water sports such as sport fishing, sailing, surfing or diving.


Ecuador has a wide variety of culinary specialities. In the coastal areas the most famous dishes include pescado en cocada (fish cooked in coconut ), bilche and rice with menestra (stewed beans or lentils). On the other side of the country, in the Ecuadorian mountain regions, roast pork with llapingachos (fried potato pancakes) or cooked mote (hominy or dried maize kernels) are the favourites.

It is also known for its large number of international restaurants specialising in Japanese, French, Italian or Spanish cuisine.


There is so much to do on Salinas Beach and so many places worth visiting, Highlights include:

Sport fishing. This is one of main attractions at Salinas due to its kilometres of beaches, calm waters and excellent climate

La Ruta del Sol (the sunshine route). This is the road that runs alongside the coastline, passing through picturesque fishing towns

Guayaquil. This city is located just a few minutes from Salinas and thanks to its extensive renovation work that has taken place, visitors can enjoy new shopping centres and the Malecón 2000, amongst other attractions

Quito. At the monument located at zero latitude, visitors can place one foot in the Southern Hemisphere and the other in the Northern Hemisphere at the same time.


Ecuador also boasts wonderful examples of handicrafts, including paintings, sculptures, small decorations made from different materials in attractive colours, leather goods and Panama-style straw hats.