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Your holiday is the ideal occasion to pamper yourself with one of the spa treatments at the Barceló Salinas hotel. You will return feeling refreshed inside and out and you will also enjoy the benefits to your skin and body offered by each one of our health and beauty treatments.

Massage treatments

Swedish massage: relaxation massage with deep shiatsu techniques ($39.20).

Sports massage: ideal for athletes, reducing stress, toning tired muscles and eliminating muscular fatigue ($67.20).

Sabai therapy: is an advanced massage technique far exceeding traditional stone massage. It is a synchronised therapeutic massage with corporal exfoliation to renew the skin that de-stresses you all over ($95.20).

Aromatherapy massage: relaxation treatment combined with Swedish techniques to reduce stress, rejuvenate the body and alleviate muscle fatigue ($42.56).

Corporal treatment: recuperate the skins luminosity with an emolliating exfoliation rich in lavender-ylang ylang essential oils leaving the skin silky and remineralised. Recommended before any massage or corporal treatment to obtain maximum results ($72.80).

Facial mask specialist treatments

Deep pore cleansing:  this facial cleansing consists of an exfoliation, steam and cleansing of blocked pores, to soften the face and neck. As a final touch, a suitable mask treatment is applied. Beneficial for all types of skin ($33.60).

Hydrating collagen veil mask: a radical treatment for opaque and hydrated skin, alleviates irritated or sensitive skin and improves the skin's elasticity and texture; this treatment offers a choice of options according to clients' needs ($78.40).

Hot stone massage: total relaxation massage that uses volcanic stones on energetic points to boost energy and obtain deep relaxation combining chromotherapy and aromatherapy ($50.40).

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More information and bookings

Telephone: 593 (4) 2771610
Ext.: 233.

PLEASE NOTE: prices subject to change.