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All Saints' Day Break at the Barceló Cádiz hotel

The most terrifying night of the year is here! A time when the vampire in us comes alive!

Catas con Arte* (Wine Tasting with Art) and Barceló Cádiz would like to welcome blood drinkers. A night of the living dead! discover the romantic vampire and the influence of the literary figure of Dracula as never told before in horror stories.

Next Friday only, the evening of 1st November we will drink blood and become immortal. Come to The Night of the Vampires, the most dangerous wine tasting of them all.

We offer a wine tasting consisting of:

· Vampire Menu especially designed for the occasion.
· Immortal pairing with González Byass wines (Oloroso Alfonso, Tinto Finca Moncloa, Rioja Beronia tempranillo by González Byass). A prestigious international winery dating back to 1835 offers wines from Jerez, as well as unique products from the key Spanish Designations of Origin.

This cultural fusion will be packed with spooktacular surprises...

· The UCA researcher, Leonor Acosta, professor of Critical Theory is a specialist on vampires and dissertation director on the subject. He will be speaking on the symbol of blood and the cultural resurrection of the vampire and its role as a transgressor of normative sexuality.
· And on an even darker note, Pedro Iglesias, a qualified expert in "vampirology", who believes in the existence of these creatures of the night, will make us shiver and shake... Porphyria, catalepsy and the rituals. He will transport us with some verses from the darker side!

Live music, surprises and lots of horror!!

How to book

Choose your room in the accommodation only occupancy type and then you can add the complement with the vampire image, which will transport you to the unknown.

Don't miss this opportunity! Limited availability.

If you would like to learn more about the collaborating company, Catas con Arte, visit their website at