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La Bobadilla

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La Bobadilla

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100% Andalusian Sustainability

The method of making biofuel from olive stones was developed by scientists in Jaen and Granada who, on discovering that over three million tonnes of olive pits were disposed of every year, decided to research into how to convert this waste into energy. The Barceló La Bobadilla hotel adds to its hotel excellence commitment a philosophy of total respect to its environment and is the only hotel to use olive stone Biomass as an energy source for its heating and hot water systems.

Biomass represents one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources with a near zero contaminant level. Its combustion emits carbon dioxide but it is the same amount it emits when decomposing naturally and does not alter the balance of gases in the atmosphere. Of all the renewable energies, the olive stone is an energy source with enormous potential for growth and vision for the future in large-scale Spanish agricultural production as it creates very little waste; the burning of one ton of olive pits generates 100 grams of ash, which is later used as fertiliser for plants.

Sport, nature and sustainability are closely linked to the "Bobadilla – Eco" concept that has been taking a growing importance in the hotel in recent years. La Bobadilla assumes its share of responsibility and commitment by offering its guest outdoor activities and sports in tune with nature and sustainable development: horse riding and cycling, trekking, Pétanque, paddle tennis, tennis, table tennis...