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Oviedo Cervantes

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Map of Spain

Map of Oviedo

Spain information of interest

Currency: Euro

Official time: UTC + 2 in summer. UTC + 1 in winter

Official language: Spanish

Electricity: 220 V

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Destination information


Because of its diversity and cultureSpain is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. A country boasting good living, its people enjoy outdoor life and with family and friends.

Spain is diverse, with each region having its own traditions and cuisine. A land of wines and joy, of flamenco, dances and traditions. Spain always surprises those who visit it.

On top of its amazing and varied culture, and along with the warmth of its people, you will discover a country of contrasts, of alluring cities and incredible natural scenery. Travel to the centre of this bountiful peninsula to discover Castilian Spain. Unearth Northern Spain's magical locations that include amazing grasslands and green forests, watered by the Atlantic sea.

Or its Mediterranean coast and islands, fresh and green, where the sea breeze will give you an unforgettable stay. Without forgetting the richness of Andalusia, famous inspiration artists like Hemingway.

Spain, an enchanting country whose inspiration is truly intoxicating.

Description of the area

As the saying goes, "Oviedo is the capital of paradise". Boasting many buildings that have been declared World Heritage Sites, you can enjoy sightseeing around the squares, palaces and churches that adorn this wonderful city. Let the city surprise you on your every step or enjoy the real pleasure of wandering along the busy Cimadevilla street.

The coastal region of Costa Verde deserves special attention. Here you can enjoy every kind of sport whilst immersed in the stunning natural scenery. Boasting a culture of delicious cuisine, come and enjoy the typical Spanish dish: Fabada. Always served with the undisputed queen of good food and drink: the famous Asturian cider.

Today, the city of Oviedo is internationally renowned. It hosts the annual Prince of Asturias Awards. This prestigious event, held in the city's Campoamor Theatre, recognises international achievement of people at the highest level.


Oviedo not just the capital of Asturian good food but also one of the region's biggest attractions.

Here, as in the rest of the region, the typical dish par excellence is the fabada, prepared with white beans (fabes) and different pork sausages, such as chorizo and blood sausage.

Carbayones are the region's typical sweet pastries. They are made up of three layered puff pastry filled with a mixture of egg, crushed almonds, cognac or sweet wine, and sugar. All covered with a syrup made with water, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon.

Cider is an excellent typical drink. It is made from fermented apple juice.

With a deep-rooted tradition of cuisine, every 19th October Oviedo celebrates the disarmament, a gastronomic festival that is held in restaurants and private houses, invariably offering chickpeas with cod, spinach, tripe and rice pudding.


Oviedo is a city with a vast and rich cultural offering, with many buildings declared World Heritage Sites. Places you should visit:

Santa María del Naranco. (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Pre-Romanesque Asturian church situated just 3 km from Oviedo on the southern hillside of Naranco Mount, originally a palace of King Ramiro I.

Jacobean Routes. The St. James Way (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Oviedo Cathedral. Built in a Gothic style, the cathedral houses the former sacred basilica of San Salvador, (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

El Hórreo. Raised up upon columns, this Granary is built with wood and stone.

International Descent of the river Sella. Held on the first weekend of August, its course runs for 20 km along the river, between Arriondas and Ribadesella.

Asturias Archaeological Museum. Archaeological Museum of Asturias, where you can enjoy: pieces from the Palaeolithic Age, various numismatic and ethnographic collections, two rooms dedicated to the Roman Period, two rooms to Pre-Romanesque art, a further room exhibiting Romanesque art, and a final room showing Gothic art. You can also visit Father Feijoo's cell.


The most important shopping area in Oviedo is, without doubt, calle Uría, a hub where the headquarters of banks, insurance companies, as well as department stores and boutiques are situated.

After the realisation of the plan to pedestrianise the centre, other surrounding streets have also become important shopping spots. Worth highlighting amongst them, are the streets Gil de Jaz, Independencia, Doctor Casal, Covadonga, Melquiades Alvarez and Nueve de Mayo, where the Salesas' Shopping Centre is situated.

There are also large diverse shopping centres: Los Prados Shopping Centre, situated in the Teatinos neighbourhood on the lands of the old slaughterhouse close to the A-66 highway, the Parque Principado shopping centre (Paredes de Siero), which, despite being situated on the border with the el concejo Siero, attracts crowds of local residents who go there to their daily shop.

Lastly, we should also mention a future grand shopping centre, probably El Corte Inglés, which will be situated in the Palacio de Congresos Princesa Letizia complex, in the Buenavista neighbourhood.