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Map of Spain

Map of Valencia

Spain information of interest

Currency: Euro

Official time: UTC + 2 in summer. UTC + 1 in winter

Official language: Spanish

Electricity: 220 V

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Destination information


Because of its diversity and cultureSpain is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. A country boasting good living, its people enjoy outdoor life and with family and friends.

Spain is diverse, with each region having its own traditions and cuisine. A land of wines and joy, of flamenco, dances and traditions. Spain always surprises those who visit it.

On top of its amazing and varied culture, and along with the warmth of its people, you will discover a country of contrasts, of alluring cities and incredible natural scenery. Travel to the centre of this bountiful peninsula to discover Castilian Spain. Unearth Northern Spain's magical locations that include amazing grasslands and green forests, watered by the Atlantic sea.

Or its Mediterranean coast and islands, fresh and green, where the sea breeze will give you an unforgettable stay. Without forgetting the richness of Andalusia, famous inspiration artists like Hemingway.

Spain, an enchanting country whose inspiration is truly intoxicating.

Description of the area

Valencia is a city of contrasts where remnants of its distant past, which date back to the year 138 B.C., are mixed with the most modern and avant-garde buildings of present times.

In Valencia you will not only enjoy paella, the city's most famous dish, but also its shops, its culture, its theatre, museums, music, and business. All of which make it a place full of diversity where all manner of activities are possible.

Come to Valencia, the centre for international and avant-garde design, and enjoy one of the most active European cities when it comes to trade shows and conventions.

If you want to experience on of the most spectacular fiestas in Spain then visit this magnificent city during Las Fallas, for a truly unforgettable trip.


Valencia is a seaside, coastal city. This explains why fish and seafood are two of the main ingredients of its rich cuisine. However, if you would like to enjoy a good beef dish, the inland areas, such as La Plana de Utiel-Requena and Alto Palancia, offer a wide variety of beef products and cured meats, as well as torraeta of xulles, a famous beef dish from this region.

But if there is one dish that truly represents the Valencian Community, its rice. Come to Valencia and enjoy authentic Valencian paella, the main ingredients of which are rice, rabbit, broad beans, green pepper, and shellfish.


The City of Arts and Sciences one of the most famous and most-visited places in Valencia, where you can have fun and enjoy your leisure time.

The Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace: has an imposing façade and an interior full of spectacular finishes.

The Fine Arts Museum: inside you will find works by Greco, Goya, and Velázquez, amongst other artists.

Torres de Serrano: these towers date back to the 14th century and are situated at the entrance to the city of Valencia.

El Ayuntamiento: a beautiful building with a central tower that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Torre de Miguelete: Valencia Cathedral's bell tower.

Barrio del Carmen: situated in the historic city centre.


If you would like to do some shopping in Valencia, the most traditional places are situated in the southern part of the historic city centre and its surroundings. Stroll through Colón, Don Juan de Austria, Poeta Querol, Jorge Juan, Cirilo Amorós, and La and visit their many shops, where you will be able to buy all kind of products.