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Maya Beach

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Maya Beach

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Over 3,000 m2 dedicated to pampering mind and body...

The new U-Spa Wellness and Fitness Centre of the Barceló Maya Beach Resort complex is inspired by the four elements.

Enjoy its exclusive facilities: saunas, steam showers, tropical and bi-thermal showers, dynamic pool, and immersion pools. Or just relax and unwind in the relaxation area.

Its curved architecture in the treatment wing induces the sensation of relaxation where it is most experienced inside with an environment that gives the guest the feeling of not knowing exactly where they are, having become part of a space where all of the constructive elements strengthen the relaxation ambiance.

In the wet area, guests will enjoy bright windows with a view to a tropical space especially designed to provide an extraordinary experience.

High performance massages, body wraps, and facials make up the selection of treatments available in any of its 26 treatment rooms, a float room, a hydrotherapy room, 3 Vichy showers, and a Swiss room.

Its beauty salon provides waxing, manicures, pedicures, and even special makeup and hair sessions for brides.

Treatment list
U-Spa en el Barceló Maya Beach Resort

U-Kids Spa

The new U-Kids Spa complements this wellness centre. A space dedicated for the little ones of the family, with treatments especially designed for them combining attractive aromas.

U-Spa en el Barceló Maya Beach Resort

Fitness centre

Spectacular gym with the most advanced training equipment for warming up, cardio, cooling down and stretching, plus resistance machines. You will find cross trainers, exercise bicycles, free weights and 2 innovative rooms for spinning and yoga. This modern fitness centre is situated inside the facilities of the U-Spa, where you can find the opening hours for the programmed classes (which vary in accordance with availability at the U-Spa).

Opening hours: from 07.00 to noon (10 p.m.).
Terms and conditions: as long as you comply with dress and conduct codes, over 18s may use them.