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Boda en la playa del hotel Barceló Maya Colonial
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A wedding means romance and passion. It's one of the sweetest moments a couple can experience. Imagine celebrating your wedding on the shores of an incredible beach with fine sand and crystal clear water, surrounded by exuberant vegetation.

The Barceló Maya Colonial***** hotel on the Mayan Riviera provides you with a 2 km private beach so you can celebrate your special union with your loved ones, in paradise.

Celebrate your wedding at the Barceló Maya Colonial hotel

Barceló Maya Beach Hotel Weddings
Barceló Maya Beach Hotel Weddings

Types of wedding

Civil wedding: officiated by a judge who will provide the necessary documentation so that the wedding is legally binding. The ceremony will take place in Spanish. If you require an interpreter, please request this service from the wedding coordinator. Civil weddings cannot take place on a Sunday or a Public Holiday in Mexico.

Mayan or spiritual wedding: wedding officiated by a shaman. These are civil weddings with the difference that there is no legal documentation or blood analysis.

Catholic wedding: Catholic wedding ceremonies are held in the chapel on the resort.

Boda en el hotel Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe
Boda en la playa del hotel Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe

Wedding location

Both civil and symbolic weddings can be held on the beach.

Religious weddings take place in the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe chapel

Boda en el hotel Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe
Altar para la celebración de bodas en la playa del hotel Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe


· Some of the packages include live music during the ceremony.
· You can choose from a guitar and bass duo, a violinist, saxophone or a mariachi

Barceló Maya Beach Hotel Weddings
Barceló Maya Beach Hotel Weddings

Advice and suggestions

· Book your wedding at least 6 months in advance
· Consider the type of wedding you would like to have
· If have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us by email
· Trust your wedding planner, they can offer you the best advice regarding decoration, prices, new trends, etc.

Wedding Packages

Choose the wedding package that is most suited to you and your partner for celebrating this very special union. The Barceló Maya Colonial hotel has a team of professional and special services so that everything turns out just as you wish.
You will have at your disposal:

Coconut Paradise Package
Blueberry Dream Package
Mint Breeze Package
Strawberry Passion Package
Tangerine Sunset Package
Chocolate Sensation Package

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