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Map of Nicaragua

Map of Montelimar Beach

Nicaragua information

Currency: The official currency is the Córdoba. US dollars are also widely accepted throughout the country.

Official time: UTC - 5 in Summer (May to September). UTC - 6 in Winter (October to April)

Population: Approximately 4 million inhabitants

Electricity: 110 volts

Official language: Spanish

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Destination information


Nicaragua is the largest country on the central American isthmus. It is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant and rejuvenating rest thanks to its wonderful coasts lapped by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The country manages to preserve almost intact both its amazing vegetation and the old quarters of the colonial cities which still today retain their impressive monuments.

Description of the area

Immersed in beautiful and exuberant tropical vegetation and close to the small towns of Masachapa, San Rafael del Sur and El Crucero, Montelimar Beach is a true paradise where you can enjoy a pleasant stay.

Located in western Nicaragua, Montelimar Beach is the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun in comfort on its fine white sands.


The Nicaraguan cuisine is delicious and varied. The basic Nicaraguan diet consists of rice and beans, as well as foods derived from maize. Each department has a typical dish and a traditional drink.

Among the most popular culinary specialities are Nacatamal, a delicious combination of meat and maize; Vigorón, a blend of cassava with pork, salad and meat, and Baho, a tasty dish containing plantains, cassava and meat.


At Montelimar beach you will find many places worth visiting.

Managua. Nicaragua’s capital city offers numerous places of interest, such as the ancient cathedral, the new cathedral, the Plaza de la Revolución, the Puerto Salvador Allende tourist complex and the Rubén Darío Theatre.

Granada. Founded in 1524, Granada is one of the oldest cities in Central America. You can visit different restaurants offered by the famous Calzada and its islands.

León. A colonial city where you can admire the Royal Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption and stroll through the central park or simply visit the city for its well-preserved colonial architecture.


In Nicaragua, each region retains traditional skills to create different handicrafts. Hammocks from the city of Masaya, the San Juan de Oriento and la Paz Centre pottery and the black ceramics from northern Nicaragua are just a few examples of the remarkable skill of Nicaraguan craftsmen.

These and other products can be found in the popular Managua markets or in the Masaya Artisan Market.