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Bandera Azul

Blue Flag

The Barceló Punta Cana hotel was awarded the Blue Flag international certification at the beginning of 2011 for its care and good maintainence of its beaches.

This is a distinction awarded by the non-profit NGO Ngo Environment Foundation (EEF). The Blue Flag is an international certification of environmental quality standards that creates environmental awareness and fosters sustainability.

When this flag waves over a beach, as in the case of the Barceló Punta Cana hotel, it means that the beach is clean, healthy and safe for users.

Download information on Blue Flag
Green Globe

Green Globe

The Barceló Punta Cana hotel reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and environment preservation and therefore has registered in Green Globe, a sustainability certification based on internationally accepted criteria for the operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. The goal is to reduce and prevent the negative environmental impact of our tourism activities.

As a result, and in its commitment to environmental respect and sustainability, the Barceló Punta Cana hotel states its policy in 6 fundamental principles:

1. Waste Management: reduce residues as much as possible. Reuse everything possible before discarding. Recycle waste to make new products.

2: Energy And Water Saving: Employees as well as customers contribute to the conservation of our country's renewable resources.

3. Training: We have a training programme, which, basically, attempts to achieve greater ecological awareness of the entire staff.

4. Information: we provide information so that the implementation of green measures in the hotel is effective.

5. Recovering the Native Ecosystem (Flora and Fauna): we are committed to the mitigation of all the negative consequences of developing of tourism, in the environmental as well as social sectors, in order to help the sustainable development of the region.

6. Socio-cultural: We foster and inform about cultural, sport and recreational activities in the neighbouring communities with the prior consent from actors; the company supports the area's community development initiatives by carrying out activities for common welfare.

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