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Gastronomic Events 2015

The Barceló Eresin Topkapi hotel invites you to enjoy our gastronomic events, which seek to combine culture and cuisine in one place. Sampling the local cuisine is a perfect way to get to know the customs and culture of a region, and this is precisely what we seek to achieve with our gastronomic days.

From 8 May to 16 June: Healthy Gourmet

With our Healthy Gourmet menu, Barceló Hotels & Resorts combines the pleasure of fine dining with healthy eating.

Healthy Gourmet is a great philosophy for a healthy lifestyle. It is hedonism coupled with responsibility, allowing you to satisfy your cravings safe in the knowledge that you are eating a healthy meal. Allow yourself to be transported by the flavours of our light dishes which are both subtle and balanced.

They are dishes that exquisitely combine different tastes, encouraging you to savour them at a leisurely pace and feel the beneficial effects which unfold over time.

From 18 June to 16 July: Ramadan

Ramadan is known worldwide as the month during which people of the Muslim faith fast every day until sunset. This practice is an integral part of their religious beliefs and faith.

From 1 August to 4 September: A world of salads

From 11 September to 11 December: Flavours of the world

Monday and Wednesday: “Pizza and Pasta Days”

Italian cuisine is one of the best known and most exported cuisines in the world. Enjoy the antipasti, pasta dishes and home-made pizzas that we offer every Monday and Wednesday.

Tuesdays and Fridays: “Flavours of Asia”

Immerse yourself in the culture of the samurai, sake, sushi and the harmony between body and mind that is the gift of Asian cuisine.

Thursday: “Tex-Mex”

Have fun with Mexican cooking, a cuisine that is always a social affair. Enjoy food that is bursting with flavour and colour with your family or partner.

Saturdays and Sundays: “Meze & Kebabs”

Get to know more about typical Turkish cuisine while enjoying our meze and kebabs. Treat yourself to an experience you will just love!