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Map of Costa Rica

Map of Tambor Beach


Currency: The Colón. The US dollar is generally accepted (US $1 = 360 colóns, approximately)

Official time: UTC - 6

Official language: Spanish (English is also commonly used)

Electricity: 110 volts

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Destination information


Costa Rica is a small country known worldwide for its great diversity and the concentration of its natural resources, its abundance of areas of significant historical and archaeological interest, it's beautiful and clean beaches and its many protected natural parks. The country's natural landscape offers an incomparable setting for those who love nature and outdoor activities, such as fishing, diving and surfing.

Costa Rica is a great representation of typical Latin culture with its spice, enthusiasm and cheer. Its customs and traditions can be seen in all areas of daily life and in other aspects typical of its people. It maintains its folkloric traditions, such as the national dance called “Punto Guanacasteco” or the “Mascarada” puppets, to the beat of a “Cimarrona” band, which may be seen during any town’s patron saint celebrations.

Costa Rica, which has a small indigenous population, such as "Los Chorotegas" in the north of Costa Rica, was influenced by both Mayan as well as Aztec culture. This town is considered as the Mesoamerican culture that is found more in the south. The area of Guanacaste was the point of convergence for northern and southern cultures; this was established by the discovery of pieces of ceramics found in the area, which are now in the National Museum, with both Aztec and Inca figures and designs on one piece.

Description of the area

Playa Tambor, located to the south of the Nicoya Peninsula, in Bahía Ballena, is one of the major natural wonders that makes the country an exceptional and unique destination with an endless number of exotic species of flora and fauna to discover.

Its volcanic sands and the gentle surf that constantly reflects the beautiful and magnificent blue of the sky make it the perfect place to sunbathe, to do outdoor activities or just to take a relaxing barefoot stroll along its 6 kilometers of beach.


Costa Rican cuisine is delicious and diverse. It offers everything from the freshest vegetables and tropical fruits to the most exquisite dishes prepared with delicious seafood.

The country’s most popular dishes include: 'casado' a dish with rice and beans, ripe plantains, salad and meat; 'chorreadas', thick tortillas made with sweet corn; and 'empanadas' stuffed with cheese, beans or meat.

There are numerous restaurants in Costa Rica in which, in addition to being able to taste gastronomic specialties from the region, you will find different specialties from international cuisine.


You need look no further than these wondrous places if you want to lose yourself in a peaceful paradise:

Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve. A beautiful refuge for sea birds, most notably brown pelicans, frigate birds and brown boobies.

Montezuma Town and Falls
. With their origin in the river of the same name, the impressive Montezuma Falls are surrounded by a lush forest near the town, where you will be able to explore beautiful beaches.

Quad Bike Tours
On your quad bike, you can behold breathtaking natural landscapes, cross the Pánica River, take a dip next to its four waterfalls, or pay a visit to the town of the same name.