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Princess for a day en el hotel Barceló Jandía Mar Princess for a day

Little girls can live their dream and become princesses for a day... The fairy Godmother will take care of everything!
Mr. Cook en el hotel Barceló Jandía Mar Mr. Cook, the chef with superpowers.

The youngest cooks in your house can learn to cook exquisite dishes to delight the family.
Pirates fun en el hotel Barceló Jandía Mar Pirates Fun

Discover the cabins where pirates live and enjoy an authentic adventure.
 > Hotel Barceló Jandía Mar

Barcy Club for children

If the Barceló Jandía Mar hotel stands out for anything, it is undoubtedly for the professional entertainment staff the hotel offers to suit all age groups. Every year they surprise the youngest ones with new games, shows and activities, while the parents can enjoy the peace and relaxation of a well-earned holiday.

Our Barcy Club, the best club for children

The new concept of Barcy Club is based on the association of the activities with the theory of multiple intelligences. This innovative activity programme offers the youngsters in the family 7 different suggestions on how to learn and have fun at the same time. These activities are based on a well-balanced programme to suit the different tastes, abilities and skills of each child.

Provide your child with an unforgettable experience and relax while they have fun and learn.

· Planet Defenders. “The Defenders” promote the best environmental practices through exploring, adventure and discovery of the planet, as well as the importance of saving water, since it is our most valuable natural resource. Let your children learn about the animals that are in danger of extinction in the Canary Islands and help towards their recovery. They will learn not to waste water and how to build urban allotments, so that by the end of your holiday they can put what they’ve learnt into practice.

· Hand Creators. “The Creators” have skills for handcrafts, painting and everything related with fine art. Learning about landscapes and painting has never been so much fun. Experimental art and photocall also form part of this innovative package.

· Music Actors. “The Actors” are passionate about theatre, music, dance, cinema and everything to do with the performing arts. Mime artists, clowns, story tellers, etc. We all have an actor, musician or composer in us.

· Lab Makers. “The Makers” build, investigate and experiment with science with elements of nature. Experiments related to solar or wind energy and the strength of gravity will make the children want to stay at Barcy Club forever. In addition, they can learn all about the planets and stars with projections.

· Mystery Magicians. “The Magicians” are quick with the mind, solve mysteries and know how to find magic. We combine magic workshops with robotics, puzzles and MaKey MaKey: a kit for creating fun inventions.

· Circus Artists. “The Artists” are multi-talented and skilful at their jobs, but best of all they love to trigger the right emotions by having fun and making you laugh. There’s also the fancy dress workshop, parades and the family show where children can enjoy being in the limelight.

· Barcy Friends. “The Friends” are all Barcy’s friends, defenders of the planet with a great sense of adventure. Children can have a great time singing the “Barcy Rap”, rehearsing for the Flashmob or in the video editing workshop using our innovative app.


Other special activities

Princess for a day

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of being a princess? So that all girls can make that dream come true, be a Princess for a day.

At the Barceló Jandía Mar hotel we have a palace where our fairy godmothers live and transform little girls into princesses for the day. After a first whirl of dressing, hairdressing and make-up, the princesses will be dazzling in order to approach the Palace where a delicious tea is served, followed by the dance, with which they will culminate their own fairy tale.

Princess for a day, and a magic princess wand as a gift. Don't miss it, your dream come true!

Timetable: Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11.00 to 13.00 and 15.30 to 17.30 Prior booking is required. Opening hours vary according to season and are subject to change and/or cancellations if the number of girls included is less than the minimum of 5.
Price: 20€

Find out more about Princess for a Day

Mr. Cook

For the little cooking enthusiasts in the family, the Barceló Jandía Mar hotel has started Barceló Mr. Cook, the chef with superpowers. Our expert entertainers will teach them how to make fantastic dishes to enjoy with the rest of their family. And all the children are given a free Mr. Cook recipe book.

Opening hours: Wednesdays from 11.00 to 13.00 Prior booking is required. Opening hours vary according to season and are subject to change and/or cancellations if the number of children included is less than the minimum of 5.
Price: €15

Find out more about Mr. Cook

Barceló Pirates Fun

Who wants to experience a real pirate adventure? At the Barceló Jandía Mar hotel you will find the cabins where pirates live and are waiting for you to start a treasure hunt. They tell the story of the night a storm wrecked a pirate ship and the fearful captain and his crew landed on this island. It was here the wicked pirates buried their treasure, thousands of chests full of gold coins. And where is the treasure? You know that there is no pirate without an eye-patch, hook and a sword.

Join this fun adventure, dress up as a pirate and repeat the oath with us: “I want to experience adventures, so I swear to follow the Captain at all times.” Plus, you will get a sword and an eye patch as a free gift. Are You ready?

Timetable: Mondays and Fridays from 21.30 to 09.30 Night time activity. Prior booking is required. Opening hours vary according to season and are subject to change and/or cancellations.
Price: €25

Find out more about Barceló Pirates Fun