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Prizes and Awards

Premio Cristal del hotel Barceló San José Palacio

Cristal Award

The Barceló San José hotel is affiliated with the Cristal Plan program, which certifies hotels and restaurants that reach the highest standards of hygiene. It was created by England’s CheckSafetyFirst. Establishments committed to the program are audited monthly to verify compliance with policies regarding food hygiene and health.

The program is designed as a tool in health and hygiene management to help hotel, recreational, tourism, catering and similar industries have adequate control of inherent risks associated with water used (including Legionella) in recreational facilities and to have wholesome and healthy food for guests, visitors, and employees.

It takes place in the hotels of the Barceló Group and is based on the protocols and controls of a checklist with more than 250 itemized points, which are performed according to guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Barceló San José hotel was awarded the Best Hotel in Central America in the Crystal Awards program.

The program is called Cristal because it’s organized to: identify risks, using technology, analyses and logistics.

The program provides a consistent approach to achieve the goals and objectives of the policy clarifying the following:

· The risks during food preparation

·The inherent risks of water (including swimming pools)

· Controls that can be used to prevent the occurrence of these risks

· The internationally accepted practices of good food hygiene standards

· How to measure the effectiveness of their risk controls

· Effects that any change in the food preparation process can cause

Certificado de Sostenibilidad del hotel Barceló San José Palacio

Certification for Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism development promotes balanced interaction between the appropriate use of natural and cultural resources, improving the quality of life of local communities and the economic success of the activity, both of which contribute to national development. In Costa Rica, since 1993, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has promoted the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST), in order to bring the model of national tourism development closer to the concept of sustainable development.

With this tool, the destination contributes strongly in providing quality to customers, both from the point of view of service, as well as the environmental conditions of their immediate environment. Thus, the comprehensive strengthening allows for an economically, socially and environmentally healthy and balanced tourism, opening new possibilities to achieve a competitive advantage in a growing market.

Description of the CST

It is a program that seeks to categorize and certify each tourism company according to the degree to which its operations comply with a model of sustainability. For this the following aspects are evaluated:

· Physical-biological parameters: Evaluates the interaction between the company and the working environment, factors such as wastewater treatment, protection of flora and fauna and others

· Infrastructure and services: Evaluates the management policies and the operational systems within the company regarding energy and water conservation and waste management

· External client: actions performed by management to invite the client to participate in the implementation of sustainability policies of the company

· Socio-economic environment: Evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with surrounding communities, analyzing, for example, the degree in which hotels respond to growth and development in the region, by creating new jobs and achieving results that benefit everyone.

Levels of Sustainability

The CST standard evaluates companies under a structured system of defined levels on a scale of 1 to 5. The process of integration and sustainability faced by companies in each of the levels, results in an exemplary company in terms of sustainability.

Tourists staying at a CST establishment can be sure that it is taking action on all business management processes, in order to avoid negative impacts on the environment, culture and society.

The Barceló San José hotel was awarded with level 3 in recognition of its great work where guests as much as visitors, residents and workers identify completely with the program and our green destination.

Certificate of Excellence 2013

TripAdvisor 2013 Certificate of Excellence

Our hotel has been awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the third year running. An important recognition based on the opinions of guests, who through their scores distinguish our hotel, which is without a doubt an exceptional achievement. It is without doubt an exceptional feat to receive this award again after having been awarded it in 2012.

This Certificate of Excellence is only awarded to the best hotels. That is why we are sharing our pride over this recognition with you and thank you for selecting us. We hope to continue being your favorite hotel and will strive to always satisfy you this year and in years to come.

Premio World Travel Award 2013 del hotel Barceló San José Palacio

World Travel Awards

The Barceló San José hotel has been recognized by the World Travel Awards.

In 2013 the 20th anniversary of the World Travel Awards (WTA) was celebrated, where the best tourist hotels and destinations were chosen in Central and South America. The 2013 ceremony awards were recently held in Huacca Pucllana Temple, located in Lima, Peru. A large number of tourist representatives and specialized communications media from more than 30 countries attended.

Graham E. Cooke, founder of WTA, presided over the jury that chose the Barceló San José hotel in Costa Rica, with is great convention center, as the “Best Airport Hotel”.

As stated by the president and founder of the World Travel Awards, Graham E. Cooke, the Central and South America regions are an example of innovation and “passionate promotion of tourism as well as a unique range of products and services in hospitality.”

These awards, considered the “Oscars” of the tourism industry, were created in 1993 to recognize excellence in the tourism industry.

Reconocimiento Holiday Check 2014 del hotel Barceló San José Palacio

Holiday Check Quality Selection 2014

HolidayCheck is the leading travel review portal of the German market for travel and vacation. The focal point of HolidayCheck is on travelers' opinions and photos of the hotels and of their trips.

That’s why the Barceló San José hotel was ranked one of the best hotels on Holiday Check and received the Holiday Check Quality Selection 2014 certificate.

We reiterate our thanks for recommending us to other potential customers and letting them know Barceló is always the best option to stay at and enjoy.