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Map of Cuba

Map of Varadero


Currency: Cuban Convertible Peso

Official time: UTC – 5

Population: Approximately 11 million inhabitants.

Electricity: 220 volts (the plugs have 3 prongs)

Official language: Spanish

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Destination information


The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba, has countless attractions not only because of its natural landscape and beaches, but also thanks to its rich history, it's interesting culture and the warmth of its people.

This fascinating island is made up of more than 4,000 cays, islets and islands with abundant natural beauty and a great variety of plants and animals, virgin islands, grottos, caves, mountains, forests and over 280 beaches.

Travel to Cuba and discover a true paradise right in the heart of the Caribbean. Its capital, Havana, was declared a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 due to its large number of historical buildings.

Description of the area

Varadero is an exclusive enclave located in western Cuba, offering more than 20 kilometers of excellent beaches which boast caves, virgin cays and crystalline waters. Which are home to more than 40 types of corals, fish, lobsters, prawns, crayfish and turtles.

This beautiful destination is easy to get to and offers a wide variety of leisure and entertainment opportunities, meaning you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable holiday right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Cuban gastronomy

Cuban cuisine is the culmination of the Spanish and African influences experienced in the country throughout its history. The fundamental elements of Cuban cuisine include pork, rice, legumes, vegetables and fruit, and thanks to the wealth of its coasts, there is never a shortage of fish and seafood on the table.

Some of the most popular culinary specialties include: the rice dish known as 'moros y cristianos', a combination of white rice and black beans; roast pork; 'ropa vieja' (shredded flank steak in tomato sauce); the manioc or 'yuca'; 'vianda frita' (fried marinated beef); or lobster enchilada.

When enjoying a drink, 2 good choices are the mojito and daiquiri, cocktails which are prepared based on Cuban rum, Cuba's national drink.


Some of the sights to visit in Varadero and its surrounding area:

Ecological Reserve
Josone Park
Varadero Museum
Hoyo Azul Ojo del Mégano Diving Site
Punta de Hicacos


The most notable examples of Cuban handicrafts include goods made from leather, vegetable fibers, wood, stone, metal and coral, as well as traditional garments such as hats or 'guayaberas', cool and comfortable shirts made with pure linen, and of course, the select Havana cigars.

Additionally, Varadero has 9 shopping centers where you will be able to find fine examples of Cuban handicrafts and delicious local products. All of these are usually open from 9.00 a.m.. to 7.00 p.m.