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Map of Dominican Republic

Map of Santo Domingo


Currency: Dominican Peso (RD$). The US Dollar (US$) is also generally accepted

Official time: UTC - 5

Official language: Spanish. English is also spoken in many areas

Population: 8 million inhabitants (approximately) in the Dominican Republic

Electricity: 110 V. The plugs have 3 flat prongs.

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Destination information


The Dominican Republic is a paradise. The island has a lot to offer, for those who want to enjoy themselves as well as for those who prefer to relax or explore nature. The beautiful white sandy beaches bathed by blue turquoise waters and surrounded by lush vegetation are almost impossible to resist.

This country is so much more than sun and beaches; its countryside is captivating and full of contrast. It offers unusual places of incalculable and surprising beauty as well as mountains criss-crossed with rivers and waterfalls together with salt lakes full of exotic fauna.

In the Dominican Republic you can visit the highest peak in the whole of the Caribbean, stroll through the first streets, the first hospital, the first university and the first asphalt highway in the New World.

Description of the area

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990, due to the high concentration of colonial monuments of special historic interest.

Strolling through its streets you feel very close to the exoticism of its land and people, and you will have the opportunity to find out about semi-precious stones, sample delicious tropical fruits or try handmade cigars. You can also dance to authentic Caribbean beats.


Dominican cuisine is a reflection of the Spanish and African influences that have determined the country’s social and cultural formation. The typical national dish is sancocho, a stew that combines different meats, beans, plantains and yams. Other specialties include roast pork, all types of fish and seafood, and a wide variety of exquisite tropical fruits.


As well as enjoying the best beaches, you can also visit the city’s beautiful sights. Among these you will find:

Alcázar de Colón. A Gothic-Mudéjar style mansion where Diego Columbus, son of Christopher, reigned as viceroy of

Fortaleza de Ozama. The first military building in America

Museo de las Casas Reales. Among other gems, it conserves the only shield in the world of Queen Joanna of Castile, wife of Philip the Fair

Columbus Lighthouse. A lighthouse monument located on the other side of the Ozama River, which houses the remains of Christopher Columbus

America’s First Cathedral. Characterized by its solid walls and 3 doors, 2 of which are gothic, and which contrast with the main door, which is in the plateresque style

National Pantheon. National heroes, poets, writers and other famous Dominicans are buried in this XVIII century church

Calle El Conde. The only pedestrianized street in the city

Mercado Modelo. Main handmade crafts center in the city


In the traditional markets, such as Mercado Modelo, or those located on the Plaza Criolla and on the Calle El Conde, you can find crafts made from wood, leather, snail shells, mud, amber and other decorative pieces such as masks, ceramics, baskets, embroidery and cotton fabrics.

In addition, there are different cultural centers such as the Plaza Central, Acrópolis Mall, Diamond Mall or Bella Vista Mall, where visitors can find national and international products.