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Map of Mexico

Map of Cuernavaca

Useful Information

Currency: the official currency is the Mexican peso, although US dollars are widely accepted throughout the country.

Official time: UTC – 7

Official language: Spanish

Population: Approximately 87 million inhabitants

Current: The voltage supplied in the country is 110 volts. The plugs have 3 flat prongs.

Public transport service (Manzanillo): cost $7 per person. Available until 10 pm
Taxi service with Bell Boys: base rate of $50

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Destination information


Mexico is an unforgettable country of 1,964,375 km2, which offers its visitors numerous natural landscapes, freshwater lakes and lagoons, Mayan ruins and pyramids, rich culinary specialties and the charming friendliness of its people.

Along its 11,122 km of coast, bathed by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, you can enjoy numerous beaches and stunning bays in a country with a high number of natural protected areas and 16 places listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Visit Mexico and allow yourself to be seduced by its rich and spicy cuisine, its nights of magic accompanied by a good tequila and the openness and warmth of its people.

Description of the area

Cuernavaca is a small city located only 80 km from the Mexican capital and is popularly known as the Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera (City of Eternal Spring). This name is due to the fact that Cuernavaca has abundant vegetation and a wide variety of flora, which can be found within its borders. In addition, you can also enjoy the tranquility of this Mexican city’s streets, its people and its wonderful climate throughout most of the year.

The name of the city of Cuernavaca has its etymology in Náhuatl, the language of the Nahuas tribes who lived in the area before the arrival of Hernán Cortés, and comes from the word “Cuauhnáhuac”, which means “between groves”.


Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world. Cornmeal forms the basis of its cuisine, that is renowned for its barbecued meats, accompanied by spicy salsas, along with salads, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits.

Octopus, squid and prawns marinated in lemon are griddled, breaded or marinated in sauce, while freshly-caught, tasty lobster is another delicious example of this country’s cuisine.


Palacio de Cortés (now Cuauhnáuac Museum): the city’s most iconic building and probably the oldest vice-regal civil structure in Mexico.

Cathedral (former Convento de la Asunción): included on UNESCO’s world heritage list.

El Jardín Borda: colonial vacation home, built by Don Manuel de la Borda y Verdugo.

Tepozteco Pyramid: you can find the pyramid of the same name on Tepozteco Hill.

Xochicalco Archeological site: included on UNESCO’s world heritage list since December 1st, 1999.


In Mexico, you can find authentic items from popular crafts made from ceramics, copper, leather, fabrics and macramé. The beautiful creations from Taxco silver are also a good example of the skill of Mexican silversmiths.

There are also numerous shops in the central city of Cuernavaca, where you can buy different examples of local crafts made from ceramics, as well as handmade furniture and traditional fabrics.