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Map of Mexico

Map of Manzanillo

Useful Information

Currency: the official currency is the Mexican peso, although US dollars are widely accepted throughout the country.

Official time: UTC – 7

Official language: Spanish

Population: Approximately 87 million inhabitants

Current: The voltage supplied in the country is 110 volts. The plugs have 3 flat prongs.

Public transport service (Manzanillo): cost $7 per person. Available until 10 pm
Taxi service with Bell Boys: base rate of $50

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Destination Information


With a total surface area of almost 772,204 mi² and a wide variety of climates and landscapes, Mexico offers its visitors a beautiful range of natural landscapes, crisscrossed by more than 23 million hectares of protected natural reserves, typical villages, colonial cities, archeological sites from ancient cultures and an infinite range of festivities, colors and tastes.

With 29 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Mexico has become a travel must where you can enjoy the friendliness of its people, the depth of its traditions and excellent service in all its destinations, which will make your trip unforgettable.

Visit Mexico and allow yourself to be seduced by its rich and spicy cuisine, its nights of magic accompanied by a good tequila and the openness and warmth of its people.

Description of the area

The port of Manzanillo is on the Pacific coast, located between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

The towns in this region constitute the essence of authentic Mexican style and in them you can find beachfront restaurants, vibrant markets, exciting water sports, renowned golf courses, crystalline beaches and nature in all its wildness. In addition, you will have the opportunity to go deep-sea fishing.


Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world. Cornmeal forms the basis of its cuisine, that is renowned for its barbecued meats, accompanied by spicy salsas, along with salads, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits.

Octopus, squid and prawns marinated in lemon are griddled, breaded or marinated in sauce, while freshly-caught, tasty lobster is another delicious example of this country’s cuisine.

There are 3 soft drinks that are local to Colima: tejuino, tuba and bate. The only alcoholic drink currently made in Colima is Cómala punch which contains pomegranate (the most traditional), prune, peanut, guava and tamarind. Coconut is used to produce a wide variety of typical sweets, such as alfajores and cocadas. Sweets are also made from tamarind, pineapple alfajores, guava rolls, milk borrachitos (small sponge cakes soaked with alcohol) with cinnamon and dried banana.


Colima. It's the state capital and where you can visit a volcano, the Basílica Menor, the Palacio de Gobierno, Colima University and the Cultural Center.
Distances: 105 km – 1 hour

Comala: America's White Town. Comala is a small and picturesque white town located just north of Colima city. It is known as the "Little White Town", since its buildings are painted white with red tiled roofs and decorated with vibrant Bougainvillea.
Distances: 115 km – 1 hour, 30 minutes

Barra de Navidad. Barra de Navidad is a beautiful village located between majestic mountains and next to semi-virgin beaches. It is a small port, and is where the famous Costalegre begins.
Distances: 50 km – 45 minutes

Cuyutlán - Turtle Sanctuary. Cuyutlán is a quiet and picturesque town located just one hour southeast of the port of Manzanillo, in the southeastern part of the Cuyutlán lagoon. The dark sand on its beaches is the result of the erosion of the volcanic rock that outlines this stretch of the coast. Here you can admire the magical world of marine animals.
Distances: 42 km – 40 minutes

Salt Museum. The museum is dedicated to the artisan production of salt, since it is one of the few locations that maintain the original salt processes, that date from the end of the 18th century. It is the only museum in Mexico dedicated to this activity.
Distances: 42 km - 40 minutes


Thanks to the proximity of Guadalajara, the capital of crafts and gifts, Manzanillo offers you a host of interesting shopping opportunities. You will find a wide variety of shops in the Plaza Manzanillo and Plaza Salahua shopping centers, which are just 5 minutes from the hotel.

In this town you can also pay a visit to the tianguis, shops which have a wide variety of products and handmade crafts, including silver, glassblowing, hand-made platters, candles, clothes, etc. Among Manzanillo’s tianguis, the most popular are Santiago and Miramar, which are open from 9 am until 6 pm

In the streets in the center of this region you will also find various shops and galleries which offer paintings and sculptures from well-known local artists.