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Map of Mexico

Mapa Puebla

Useful Information

Currency: the official currency is the Mexican peso, although US dollars are widely accepted throughout the country.

Official time: UTC – 7

Official language: Spanish

Population: Approximately 87 million inhabitants

Current: The voltage supplied in the country is 110 volts. The plugs have 3 flat prongs.

Public transport service (Manzanillo): cost $7 per person. Available until 10 pm
Taxi service with Bell Boys: base rate of $50

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Destination Information: Puebla


Mexico is an enormous country not just due to its size and varied destinations but also for its cultural wealth. With diverse landscapes and ecosystems including volcanic regions and some of the best beaches in the world, the country also boasts ruins dating back thousands of years, bustling cities and charming, small towns.

The country occupies 759,449 mi2 and has 6,911 miles of coastline. Mexico also has 31 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 170 archaeological sites open to the public, 54 magical towns, 52 ethnic groups and many national parks and nature reserves.

Visit Mexico and allow yourself to be seduced by its rich and spicy cuisine, its nights of magic accompanied by a good tequila and the openness and warmth of its people.

Description of the area

Puebla de Zaragoza, which is known as Puebla, is a city located 80 miles (130 kilometers) away from the country's capital Mexico City. Locals call Puebla the "City of Angels" due to its striking colonial architecture and the impressive mountains and volcanoes that surround the city.

Puebla is a historical, industrial and educational city and 2 million people that live in its metropolitan area call it home.

Residents of Puebla are called poblanos. While they speak Spanish, their native language is Nahuatl and this is still spoken today in parts of the Puebla Valley. Dominant industries in Puebla are textiles and auto manufacturing. Rodeos, bullfights and professional soccer games are frequently held in Puebla. Temperatures in Puebla are mild and temperate all year long and its people are easygoing and friendly.


Mexican food is renowned throughout the world for its variety and flavor. Corn tortillas are a staple of Mexican cuisine while other specialties include grilled meats with spicy salsas, salads, beans and a wide variety of fruits.

Puebla's most famous dishes are mole poblano and chiles en nogada and you can easily find them in local restaurants.


The Puebla Cathedral is one of the prettiest religious buildings in Mexico with a spectacular altar designed by sculptor Manuel Tolsá.

Inside the Casa de la Cultura, there is the impressive Biblioteca Palafoxiana that features a collection of over 43,000 works.

At the Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, visitors can witness a part of Mexico's history by watching a reenactment of the famous Battle of Puebla (May 5, 1862).

Tepozteco Pyramid: you can find the pyramid of the same name on Tepozteco Hill.

Museo Amparo houses a rich art collection that ranges from Pre-Hispanic artifacts to the latest creations that emerge from art schools in Puebla and Mexico.


Visitors will marvel at the authentic hand-crafted products they can find in Mexico made out of ceramics, copper, leather, fabrics and macramé.

Close to the city of Puebla is Talavera, an important production center that produces art made out of clay. Next to the central square in the city of Puebla is the popular Parián market and this is the best place to buy traditional arts and crafts from Puebla. It features over 100 stalls that offer handcrafted items from different places throughout the state.