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Map of Morocco

Map of Fez

Information of interest

Currency: Official currency: The Dirham (Dh) is the Moroccan currency (1 Euro = 10 Dirhams)

Population: 33 million inhabitants, approximately.

Electricity:: 220 V

Official language: Official language: Arabic, even though in daily life the Berber dialects are used

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Destination information


Morocco is the most exotic country in the Maghreb, and is highly authentic. It is the ideal destination for unique and enriching experiences. Enjoy a mint tea while watching people going to the souqs, centres of commercial life in Morocco, strolling the old back streets of the Imperial cities, touring on the back of a dromedary (a camel) in the great South or trekking through the Atlas Mountains.

If you like art, you will be pleased to discover its museums, situated in magical places, true reflections of the history and the artistic and artisan richness of the country.

And, at sunset, in all the squares in cities and towns, discover the story tellers and animal charmers. This is where the popular culture really thrives, a living culture.

Description of the area

Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the imperial city of Fez is Morocco's capital of traditional culture, as well as the cradle of wisdom. Its magnificent madrasas are the most characteristic symbols of Marinid architecture. A madrasa is an Islamic college that teaches the Koran and all classical subjects of knowledge. It welcomes students of other regions too.

Its activities, customs and architecture are to this day still preserved. In addition, its stepped and uneven pedestrianised streets take you to unexpected places, with the magic of the Arabic world. The most vibrant and colourful souqs (markets) of Morocco are waiting for you.

Immerse yourself in the leather items, Attarin spices and babuchas in the Ajn Allou market. Alternatively, you can experience the Andalusian neighbourhood, established by the Cordoban families who were driven out of Spain in 818.

Moroccan gastronomy

Moroccan cuisine is characterised by the refined combination of vegetables, aromatic spices, delicate fish, tasty meats and sun-soaked fruits.

Mint Tea. Infusion made of mint that is used to relax, revitalise and pick you up. Enjoyed at any time of day. Couscous. It is the most well known traditional dish. It is made from steamed semolina accompanied by vegetables, meat or fish

Tagine. A meat, chicken or fish ragout served with stewed vegetables

Mechoui. Lamb roasted slowly on a spit or in an oven so that the meat melts in the mouth

Pastille. A fine filo pastry stuffed with pigeon and almonds. It is the famous Moroccan "sweet and savoury" dish.


Fez boasts many wonderful places to visit. Don´t miss:

Al Qarawiyyin Mosque
Batha Palace Museum
Bou Inania Madrasa
The Mosque of Ech-Cherabliyyîn or the Nejjarîn Museum
El-Attarîn Madrasa
The “Place des Tanneurs”


Bartering is an essential part of Muslim culture, therefore, the prices are as variable as each client. Our tip is never to pay more than half of the initial price and to compare in several stores.

That said, the souqs are the Mecca for shopping in Morocco. You can find good quality crafts and gourmet products. The most important streets where you'll find the different souqs are Talaa Sghira and Tala Kbira streets in Fez el Bali and the Grande Rue de Fès el Jdid in Fez el Jdid.

If you prefer fixed prices, you will find the New City has shops with a more European style.