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Map of Nicaragua

Map of Montelimar Beach

Nicaragua information

Currency: The official currency is the Córdoba. US dollars are also widely accepted throughout the country.

Official time: UTC - 5 in Summer (May to September). UTC - 6 in Winter (October to April)

Population: Approximately 4 million inhabitants

Electricity: 110 volts

Official language: Spanish

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Destination Information


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It is the ideal place to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing break to heal your soul thanks to its stunning coastline bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The country still preserves its extraordinary vegetation as well as the impressive monuments in the old quarters of its colonial cities.

Description of the area

Surrounded by beautiful exotic vegetation and just a short distance away from small towns such as Masachapa, San Rafael del Sur or El Crucero, Playa Montelimar is an authentic paradise where you can enjoy a pleasant stay.

Located in Nicaragua’s western region, Playa Montelimar is the ideal place to enjoy the warm sun, while you relax comfortably, stretched out on fine sands.


Nicaraguan cuisine is rich and varied. Rice and beans are the basic ingredients in Nicaraguan cuisine as well as foods made from corn. Each department has its typical food as well as its traditional drink.

Some of its most popular culinary specialties are Nacatamal, a delicious combination of corn and meat, Vigorón, a mixture of yucca with salad and pork, and Baho, a tasty dish made with plantains, meat and yucca.


At Playa Montelimar, you will find many interesting places that are worth visiting.

Managua. Nicaragua’s capital hides many points of interests such as the Antigua Cathedral, Nueva Cathedral, Plaza de la Revolución, Puerto Salvador Allende and the Rubén Darío Theater.

Granada. Founded in 1524, is one of the oldest cities in Central America. You can visit the different restaurants located in the city’s famous “La Calzada” and its tiny islands.

León. In this colonial city, you can admire the Basilica de León Cathedral, stroll through its central park or walk along its streets, which still retain its colonial architecture.


Each of Nicaragua’s regions has its own expert tradition in making different handmade crafts. Hammocks from the city of Masaya, clay ceramics from San Juan de Oriente and La Paz Centro, and black ceramic statues from Nicaragua’s northern region are just a few examples of the unique mastery of Nicaraguan craftsmen.

These and other products can be found in local markets in Managua or at the Masaya Crafts Market.