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Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

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Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

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 > Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa
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Parque infantil del hotel Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa
Parque infantil del hotel Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

Children’s programmes

· During the day, there is a play area where children can have fun and make friends around the pirate ship and in the pirate club (for children aged 4 to 12 years old)
· During the afternoons and nights, themed evenings: India, pirates, white nights... plus, our Peter Pan and Disney shows for children
· Our public relations team will suggest other excursions and outings and can provide you with a babysitting service if you need it.

Please request opening hours and programmes for this diverse offer from the activities department.

The children’s entertainment programme may vary according to season. Activities outside of the summer season are only available at weekends and bank holidays (as long as hotel occupancy permits). We recommend asking our team at the hotel.

Yoga y relajación en el hotel Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa
Fachada del hotel Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

Sports and social activities

If you are dreaming about a more active or more relaxing holiday the Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel &Thai Spa***** can offer you a diverse and attractive range of activities to suit all interests at any time of the year:

Activities at no additional cost at the hotel:

· Stretching
· Botanical tour of the Asia Gardens
· Yoga, meditation, t’ai chi, chi kung and Pilates
· Tea tasting
· Cocktail making and Asian cooking classes
· Aqua-aerobics
· Jogging and personalised exercises
· Asian traditions

Activities are subject to hotel availability; request the activity programme on arrival at the hotel.

Other activities that require prior reservation with our PR team:

· Bike rides
· Water aerobics
· Diving course
· Stretching
· Qi gong
· Boat hire
· Golf
· Balloon ride
· Wine tasting
· Horse riding
· Scuba diving in the sea
· Theme parks
· Helicopter ride
· Live music: an exclusive selection of artists provide delightful nights at the hotel combining rhythms such as flamenco-jazz fusion or DJ sessions

Please request opening hours and programmes for this diverse offer at the activities department.
The entertainment programme may vary according to season.

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Thai Spa activities

Come and discover that silent place within you. Barceló Asia Gardens invites you to come and experience its diverse activities which are aimed at achieving physical and mental balance and overall well-being.

Please note you will need comfortable sports clothes and footwear to participate in these activities.


Yoga is a whole experience, you will discover a system of inner knowledge based on a series of well established methods, techniques and breathing exercises. The philosophy of Yoga is the perfect balance between mind, body and spirit.

The art of Yoga includes 8 elements:

1.- Self-control
2.- Discipline
3.- Posture
4.- Regulated breathing
5.- Controlling the senses; disconnecting them from external perception
6.- Concentration
7.- Meditation
8.- Absorption

Through these 8 elements one is able to connect to the inner being and open oneself up to intuition, stillness and true hearing and observation.

Meditation and relaxation

Through profound relaxation and different mediation techniques we can soothe the body and quiet down the mind, achieving a more conscious and slower paced breathing, thus achieving a neutral state of mind.

"Yogis do not count their age in years but rather by the total number of breaths."

Feel the sensation of standing and truly experiencing the weight of your own body.

Yoga for Couples

Discover the look deep in your partner's eyes, adjust your breathing to one another and perceive your partner's limits through "asanas" - or physical postures.

Enjoy special and fun moments and discover a new form of communication.


"The body is as young as it is flexible.".

A stretched muscle has a greater capacity of concentration. This way you will avoid possible injuries, while freeing all the muscle chains

Recepción del hotel Barceló Hotels & Resorts

Other activities

Allow our public relations team to advise you. You will find a vast range of proposals for all seasons and interests.