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Map of Spain

Map of Menorca

Spain information of interest

Currency: Euro

Official time: UTC + 2 in summer. UTC + 1 in winter

Official language: Spanish

Electricity: 220 V

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Destination information


Thanks to its diversity and culture,Spain is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. A country boasting good living, its people enjoy outdoor life with family and friends.

Spain is diverse, with each region having its own traditions and cuisine. A land of wines and joy, of flamenco, dances and traditions. Spain surprises all who visit. Spain always surprises those who visit it.

On top of its amazing and varied culture, and along with the warmth of its people, you will discover a country of contrasts, of alluring cities and incredible natural scenery. Travel to the centre of this bountiful peninsula to discover Castilian Spain. Unearth Northern Spain's magical locations that include amazing grasslands and green forests, nourished by the Atlantic sea.

Or its fresh and green Mediterranean coast and islands, where the sea breeze will delight you. Not forgetting to mention the richness of Andalusia, a city of famous inspiration for artists and writers - such as Hemingway.

This is Spain, a magical country that enchants all who visit.

Description of the area

Menorca has the Mediterranean feel and one the north coast of the island you will find large steep, rocky cliffs that break the waves. vast pine forests in the south which merge into white sandy beaches and crystal clear coves. This paradise was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.

Experiencing unforgettable moments and discovering idyllic places is only a matter of going with the flow. By the sea, you can breathe in the fresh atmosphere at Cales Fonts, Fornells or the Puerto de Ciutadella.

Discover, at leisure, the whitewashed towns, the charm of its streets and small shops that still maintain the authenticity that has characterised them for years. So don't forget to visit Menorca's handicraft and street markets. Most towns host weekly craft markets, where real hand made works of art are displayed.


Seafood is one of the main ingredients in Menorcan cuisine. The island's specialities include lobster stew, thick lobster soup, peppers, onion, tomato, garlic and herbal liqueur, and rice with lobster. Meros, cap roigs, bream and gilt head fish seem to acquire an intense flavour in the Menorcan waters which, together with their freshness, make them both a simple and delicious dish at the same time. Other typical dishes include fish soup, stuffed squid, the Menorcan partridge or Mao style roast lamb.

Not forgetting Mahon sauce, the perfect accompaniment for fish and meat, the typical Menorcan cheese, with its own denomination of origin, and the gin and grape schnapps, both very characteristic of the region.

The pastry shows Arab influences, such as the use of honey and almond in the preparation of cous-cous and menjar blanc. Legacy of British rule can be seen in biscuits such as the pastissets, crespells and amargos.


There are many spots worth visiting on the island of Menorca. They include:

Mahón. It is the island's capital. Its architectural structure, of British influence, reflects a time when the island was under the control of the British crown.

Mahón Port. A must see, it is the largest natural port in Europe.

Prehistoric sites. Trepulco, south of Mahón, the prehistoric city of great archaeological value and the prehistoric village of Torello and Talatí de Dalt.

S'Albufera des Grau Natural Park. Stunning Coastal lagoon situated at sea level. There are over 7,000 birds of 150 species, to watch them is a marvellous spectacle.

Ciutadella. It has been declared a National Artistic Monument and is characterised by the beauty of its stately mansions and many medieval and Muslim buildings.

Ciutadella Cathedral. Built in the 14ᵗʰ century on an ancient mosque, mixing Gothic and neoclassical styles.

Naveta des Tudons. A prehistoric tomb which is one of the most visited memorials on the island.


The centre and the main tourist spots are filled with shops where you'll find the latest fashions in clothing and footwear. The most traditional handicraft products on the island are the sandals, made of leather and rubber soles, which date back to the peasants who use to work in the fields. Other typical products are leather work, local pottery and jewellery.

Markets are held both in the city and in nearby towns at least once a week. Here you will find more unusual products in addition to the local crafts of the region. The most popular are those in Mahon and Ferreries (Tuesday and Saturday), Ciutadella, (Friday and Saturday), Alaior, (Monday and Thursday) and Sant Lluis and Es Castell (Monday and Wednesday).