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Punta Umbría Beach Resort

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Punta Umbría Beach Resort

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Cartina della Spagna

Cartina di Huelva

Dati di interesse della Spagna

Moneta: euro

Ora ufficiale: UTC + 2 in estate. UTC + 1 in inverno

Lingua ufficiale: spagnolo

Elettricità: 220 V

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Destination information


Thanks to its diversity and culture,Spain is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. A country boasting good living, its people enjoy outdoor life with family and friends.

Spain is diverse, with each region having its own traditions and cuisine. A land of wines and joy, of flamenco, dance and tradition. Spain always surprises those who visit it.

On top of its amazing and varied culture, and along with the warmth of its people, you will discover a country of contrasts, of alluring cities and incredible natural scenery. Travel to the centre of this bountiful peninsula to discover Castilian Spain. Unearth Northern Spain's magical locations that include amazing grasslands and green forests, nourished by the Atlantic sea.

Or its fresh and green Mediterranean coast and islands, where the sea breeze will enchant you. Without forgetting to mention the richness of Andalusia, famous inspiration for artists and writers such as Hemingway.

This is Spain, a country that enchants everyone who visits.

Description of the area

The Andalusian province of Huelva, borders Portugal and has more than 120 km of beach and rugged protected areas such as the Aracena Mountains, the Picos de Aroche and the impressive Doñana National Park. It is a major ecological reserve in Europe.

One of the most famous festivals in Huelva is the Rocio pilgrimage, an event which evokes strong Andalusian feelings, bringing out the best of its people's character - devoutness, happiness and a festive spirit.

Punta Umbría is a fishing village located in the estuary of the Odiel river facing the Isla Saltés. Its shores have witnessed the arrival and development of villages and cultures such as the Tartessians, Phoenicians and Romans and has currently become a tourist centre with extensive golden sandy beaches, between two Nature Reserves: Las Marismas del Odiel, a Natural Biosphere Reserve and Los Enebrales Nature Reserve.

Punta Umbría has 12 kilometres of fine, golden sandy beaches lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in a natural environment of pine tree, savine and juniper forests along the coast. Without a doubt, they are some of the best beaches in Spain. And if its beaches are beautiful, the river that separates the town from the Marismas del Odiel nature reserve is just as enchanting.


· Bellota Ham from Huelva
· White prawns from Huelva, cuttlefish and hake and excellent fish and seafood typical of a coastal area
· Gazpachos, salmorejos and migas
· Tapas and montaditos
· Red berries


As well as relaxing on its beaches, visitors to Punta Umbría can also discover some places of interest, such as the fishing harbour and marina in the centre of the town, the Lonja, the Torre Punta Umbría, a lookout tower located on the beach and the Our Lady of Carmen Church. Calle Ancha, Pérez Pastor Square and paseo de la Ría. Muelle de las canoas, Isla Saltés and Las Salinas del Astur.

Marismas del Odiel. The most important wetlands on the Iberian Peninsula and a necessary stop for thousands for migratory birds.

Colombine places. The Christopher Columbus monument, La Rábida Monastery and the Wharf of the Carabels.

Doñana National Park and El Rocío village. The biggest biosphere nature reserve in Spain and home to the pilgrimage of one of the most famous festivals in Huelva.

Río Tinto and Tharsis mines, where you can discover the province's mining history and the cuisine of the region of Andévalo.

Aracena Mountains and Picos de Aroche. To the far west of Sierra Morena, with dense forest, grasslands and rivers, where Iberian pig farming is prevalent and where the exquisite ham with its own denomination of Huelva Origin comes from.

Portuguese Algarve. Barely 40 km away is the border with the neighbouring country where you can visit its picturesque towns and Atlantic beaches.


Shopping in Huelva is associated with its traditions:

· Typical Holy Week embroideries
· Horse related Souvenirs
· Huelva ham