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Water sports and activities in the area

Caleta De Fuste offers a wide range of activities. Water sports lovers can enjoy diving, windsurfing, paddle surfing, snorkelling and kayaking on the local beaches.

In addition, the Puerto Castillo marina is the ideal base for all types of water activities, offered by Oceanarium Explorer.

Ocio y entretenimiento en el hotel Barceló Hotels & Resorts

Water activities

· Excursions with an underwater viewing boat
· Catamaran excursions
· Sport fishing charters
· Sea mammal watching
· Sea lion pool
· Assisted therapy with sea lions
· Jet skis
· Pedal boats
· Canoes

Assisted therapy with sea lions

Assisted therapy with sea lions consists of personalised weekly sessions, of one hour each. It is intended for people with autism or cerebral palsy with a significant central coordination disturbance. It complements other treatments such as physiotherapy and early stimulation.

These sessions work on skills at a sensory, emotional and cognitive level, by means of physical contact with the sea lion, with the intention of improving the well-being of the patient and his or her family. Through interaction with the animal and following the instructions of the trainer and therapist, the patient can improve control of their body and improve their psychomotor skills and emotions.

More information

For more information and/or to book, please contact Oceanarium Explorer.

Telephone: +34 928 547 687