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Health and beauty centre

The Wellness Centre opens its doors to you and offers you the opportunity to indulge yourself in a sensorial journey, achieving optimum wellness in a privileged atmosphere where your body and mind will be in perfect harmony.

Beauty, relaxation, vitality, rejuvenation, etc. Our range of therapies and qualified team of professionals will guide you at all times, opening up a range of beneficial possibilities to you to make you feel very special.


• Sauna
• Outdoor hot tub
• Massage rooms

All the services of the Wellness Centre are subject to charge.


Care and treatment of natural nails, to which art and decoration can be applied to achieve beautiful hands and feet.
• Manicure
• Spa manicure
• Pedicure
• Spa pedicure
• Gel nails
• Paraffin hand treatment
• Paraffin foot treatment


Facial cleansing is a fundamental practice and indispensable for keeping the skin in tip top condition. It is essential to moisten and hydrate the skin constantly to maintain water levels and preserve the natural humidity that each skin type requires.
• Deluxe anti-stress
• Contouring facial lift
• Facial Express
• Balancing
• For men
• Deep cleansing facial
• Hydrating facial

Specific treatments

Bags and dark circles around the eyes can appear at a young age and do not improve by themselves. This inflammation can increase due to many external factors including sun exposure which stimulates the formation of blood vessels and contributes to the development of bags. Vitamins K and A are great allies in the battle against bags and dark circles and these are included in our treatments.
• Bags and dark circles under eyes special
• Skin barrier restoration
• Intensive oxygenating treatment (acne special)
• Balancing and purifying
We use very advanced techniques in our centre to eliminate lines without surgery, using natural substances. These treatments are ideal for those people suffering from flaccidity and lack of oxygenation, who do not want surgery but notice tiredness in their faces.
• Anti-wrinkle firming treatment
• Rapid tightening
• Desensitising and decongestant
• Anti-free radicals (with ascorbic acid)

Peeling and exfoliation

Peeling is a rejuvenating treatment which directly treats the epidermis and every level of the skin. It cleanses the skin deeply, providing density and elasticity. The treatment is also recommended for treating scars, teenage acne and other skin conditions.
• Aloe Vera peeling
• Sensitive peeling
• De-pigmentation whitening treatment
• Choco therapy facial
Body or skin exfoliation is a totally natural cell regenerating process, which removes dead cells and provides the skin with a much softer and luminous appearance.


Masks have many uses and benefits, they help to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. The cleansing and exfoliating products make their facial aspect seem more radiant, and are also very relaxing.
• Chocolate mask
• Wine mask
• Aloe Vera mask

Body wraps

Body wraps are a beauty procedure based on herbs, seaweed and mud applied to different parts of the body. They can be applied to the body completely or partially, increasing the therapeutic effects of toning muscles, adjusting, helping and giving elasticity to the skin.
In addition, we also use Vichy shower therapy to remove the products with different jet pressures and temperatures.
A new way of rejuvenating the body.
• Chocolate wrap
• Wine wrap
• Aloe Vera wrap
• Oceania
• Mediterranean
• Oriental

Wax depilation

Wax depilation is one of the most popular, effective and available methods of hair removal, and is longer lasting than other processes. Both for men and women, waxing is the process of removing unwanted hair by the root meaning it takes longer to reappear and it weaker and less abundant each time it is removed.
• Legs
• Bikini line
• Eyebrows
• Under arms
• Arms
• Chest
• Back
• Abdomen