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Punta Umbría Mar

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Punta Umbría Mar

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 > Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Mar

Our ecological hotels in Huelva

The Barceló Punta Umbría Mar and Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort hotels are committed to protecting the environment and proof of this is the introduction of energy and resource saving projects (water, gas and electricity).

The complex also boasts a 300 m² solar field which contributes to the energy generation for sustainable water heating.

Both hotels also possess biomass boilers (800 kw each), which thanks to the combustion of olive stones, helps save between 10% and 15% on annual gas consumption.

Biomass represents one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources with a near zero contaminant level. Its combustion emits carbon dioxide but it is the same amount it emits when decomposing naturally and does not alter the balance of gases in the atmosphere. Of all the renewable energies, the olive stone is an energy source with enormous potential for growth and vision for the future in large-scale Spanish agricultural production as it creates very little waste; the burning of one ton of olive pits generates 100 grams of ash, which is later used as fertiliser for plants.