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Tours and Transfers

Vacaciones Barceló belongs to the Barceló Group and it is the Official Agent for Barceló Hotels & Resorts. They currently have offices in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina. Vacaciones Barceló offers you the following services, which you can request when booking your hotel via barcelo.com and which you can pay for directly on arrival:


Tambor Excursions

Tel:(506) 2683 0303, ext. 1755
Fax: (506) 2683 0309

Curu National Park: A guided tour of the Curu wildlife reserve, where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful ecosystem of the tropical dry rainforest. Throughout the journey you can observe the area's characteristic plant and animal species such as the howler monkey, the capuchin monkey, the spider monkey and an endless array of birds and insects. All surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mangrove forests, white beaches and tall trees. Duration: 4 hours. $70

Turtle Island: After a boat trip where you can admire the beautiful rocky coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula, we will arrive at Turtle Island to submerge ourselves in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, rich in marine life. Afterwards there will be a time to rest on the marvellous white sand beach surrounded by coconut palms. Perfect for sunbathing or simply to chill out in the shade of the palm trees.
Duration: 3 - 4 hours. $70

Turtle Island & Curu Park: During the trip to the Curu Reserve you can observe different ecosystems such as mangrove forests and dry rainforest, all of which are bursting with life. In the boat and after a short journey we will arrive at the beautiful Turtle Island, where you can continue the adventure with the snorkelling equipment onboard to admire the underwater life.
Duration: 5 hours. $110

Montezuma Village and Waterfalls: Visit to the village of Montezuma, internationally famous for its picturesque bohemian façade. After a short walk we will arrive at the hidden waterfalls where we can enjoy a refreshing swim and then return to the village a little later on to spend some time shopping for local arts and crafts or simply resting in one of the colourful village bars. Duration: 4 hours. $56

Curu Park & Montezuma: During the morning we will visit the Park's trails with a guide and observe the beautiful ecosystem of the dry rainforest. We will continue the journey by bus or jeep to the village of Montezuma, passing several picturesque villages along the way, inland from Nicoya. In Montezuma, after stopping for a typical lunch, we will take a trip down to the waterfalls in the forest, after a refreshing swim in the clear waters we will continue on to the village and take a wander around the narrow streets packed with bohemian arts and crafts. Duration: 9 hours. $110

Quad bikes: Experience a thrilling rush of adrenaline on the quad bike tour, submerged in stunning natural surroundings the trip covers narrow paths, small streams and virgin beaches until you arrive at the crystal clear waterfalls of Cobano, where after a well-earned swim, you return to the hotel with a quick stop off in the village of Tambor and its local arts and craft shops. Duration: 4 hours. $120

Montezuma Canopy: A thrilling trip zipping between the tree tops at high speed is what you can expect on this unique adventure. When we arrive at Montezuma, we start an incredible journey from platform to platform, and “fly” between the branches of the different trees in the dry rainforest on a zip line. When the activity has finished there is time for a refreshing swim in Montezuma waterfalls, followed by a walk to the village. Duration: 5 hours. $70

Please note. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Vacaciones Barceló
Costa Rica Office. Ed. San José Palacio. Robledal, La Uruca San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel: (506) 2291-1027 Ext. 283 / 284 / 274 / 729
Fax: (506) 2520-2050
E-mail: recepcion2.cr@vacacionesbarcelo.com

Our professional team, and with their typical Costa Rican friendliness, offer you:

· A meet and greet service at the airport
· Assistance at the hotel
· A representative for groups of more than 14 people

To reserve your transfer, when you are booking your hotel, make sure you include the following information in the additional request box:

· Name and surname of each person
· Flight arrival and departure numbers
· Payment method

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Чтобы ознакомиться с нашими специальными тарифами для групп, отправьте электронное сообщение по адресу vacacionesbarcelo@barcelocr.com, указав в качестве темы: Заказ трансфера для групп

Трансферы и экскурсии можно заказать на barcelo.com во время бронирования, сразу после того как вы выбрали номер.

Услуги и цены
НаправлениеТолько тудаТуда и обратно
Трансфер отель – Сан-Хосе (выезд из Плайя-Тамбор: 13:00)39 долларов США78 долларов США
Трансфер Сан-Хосе – отель (выезд из Сан-Хосе: 17.30)39 долларов США78 долларов США
Услуги и тарифы (персональный трансфер)
Направлениеот 1 до 7 человекот 8 до 20 человек
Персональный трансфер отель — Сан-Хосе 375 долларов США500 долларов США
Персональный трансфер Сан-Хосе — отель 375 долларов США500 долларов США