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Barceló Karmina Palace Deluxe
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Map and directions

The Barceló Karmina Palace Deluxe***** hotel is located in the on the Seafront in the Mexican pacific Riviera, just 25 minutes from Manzanillo International Airport (20 km). and 75 minutes from Colima Airport (110 km).

Manzanillo is perfectly communicated by the motorway network. The main roads are: Colima-manzanillo (4 lanes, toll roads and free access roads), Manzanillo-Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo-Minatitlán, - Airport Road, Cuyutlán-Manzanillo and Libramiento-Colomos-Tapeixtles which connect Manzanillo with all the state and the country, for trade exchange by land from the port.

Barceló Karmina

Адрес: Avenida Vista Hermosa, 13 | 28867 Manzanillo, Colima
Номер телефона: +52 3143311300
Факс: +52 314 331 1306
Адрес электронной почты: karminapalacedeluxe@barcelo.com

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- From Manzanillo International Airport, head east and then turn right towards Cihuatlán-Manzanillo/Manzanillo-Cihuatlán/Carretera Federal 200/México 200

- Continue along the carretera federal 200/México 200 and then go towards Licenciado Miguel de La Madrid Hurtado

- Finally, turn right to Las Palmas and drive until you enter avenida Vista Hermosa, where you will see the hotel

Travelling by air

Airline: Aeromar - Destination: City of Mexico
Airline: Aeroméxico Connect - Destination: City of Mexico
Airline: Interjet - Destination: City of Mexico
Airline: Volaris - Destination: Tijuana
Airline: Alaska Airlines - Destination: Los Angeles
Airline: United Express - Destination: Houston-International
Airline: US Airways - Destination: Phoenix
Airline: *WestJet/ Canjet - Destination: Calgary (winter)
Airline: *Air Transat - Destination: Calgary (winter)
Airline: *Sunwing - Destination: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton (winter)

*The itineraries are subject to change.

Land transport

La Línea
Primera Plus

Barceló Karmina Palace Deluxe
Address: Avenida Vista Hermosa, 13 | 28867 Manzanillo, Colima
Tel: +52 3143311300
Fax: +52 3143311340
Email: karminapalacedeluxe@barcelo.com

Points of interest

Nearby beaches
La Mantarraya beach - 2 km. – 5 minutes
La Audiencia beach - 9 km. - 10 minutes by car
Olas Altas beach - 3 km. - 15 minutes by car
Miramar Beach - 3.4 km. – 15 minutes by car

the state capital, where you can visit the volcano, the Basílica Menor, the Government Palace, the University of Colima, and the Cultural Centre.
Distance: 105 km – 1 hour

Cuyutlán - Turtle Sanctuary
Cuyutlán is a quiet and picturesque town located just one hour to Southeast port of Manzanillo, in the south-eastern part of Cuyutlán Lagoon. The dark sand of its beaches is the result of the erosion of volcanic stones that delineate this section of coastline. A place to admire the magical world of marine animals.
Distance: 42 km – 40 minutes