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Montecastillo Golf

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Montecastillo Golf

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The Barceló Montecastillo Golf Resort ***** offers a professional wedding service to help make your special day an unforgettable experience.

With this in mind, we invite you to come and visit our facilities and meet our team to discuss making your perfect day into a magical experience.
Önceki Devam
Barceló Montecastillo Golf & Sports Resort

We will offer you expert advice and support to ensure that nothing goes wrong on your big day. We have different types of menus to chose from, room hire is included in the menu price, and we can offer floral arrangements, personalised table decorations, parking, a fantastic wedding night at the hotel and much more to ensure your special day is a unique experience.

Visit our specialised wedding website at Barcelomoments


Your satisfaction, our greatest reward

The advantages of holding your event with us

The guest car park, especially if the hotel has its own car park with sufficient capacity for all guests

The quality of the facilities in general, and including the furniture, decoration, heating and air-conditioning etc.., all with the trademark efficiency, elegance and reliability of a hotel.

The professionalism of our kitchen and function room staff; on event days the hotel uses the same professionals accustomed to the high level of service demanded by our guests.

The value for money of our menus – suppliers secure the best prices thanks to our volume of purchases, and there is no need to increase your budget through the additional cost of a catering service.

Regarding the health and safety controlof food, general hygiene, etc.., the inspections and controls carried out by the Ministry of Health and Consumption are particularly exhaustive in hotels, requiring us to implement complete programmes for auto-regulation and preventing food risks.

The opportunity to enjoy a honeymoon suite in the hotel itself, which is definitely a convenience that the newly weds deserve at the end of such a special and exhausting day. The possibility to accommodate guests who have travelled from another city. These guests can enjoy a special rate at the hotel as well as the convenience of emjoying a meal and then staying in the same building at the end of the day.

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