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Restaurante del hotel Barceló Jandía Playa


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Jandía Playa

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Jandía Playa

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Distintivo 'Compromiso de Calidad Turística?

SICTED’s “Commitment to Quality Tourism” award

The Barceló Jandía Playa hotel has received the SICTED ‘Commitment to Tourist Quality’ award, part of a project that aims to improve the quality of tourist destinations. This award is granted to businesses and tourism services that have demonstrated compliance with the requirements set out in SICTED’s methodology. This award recognises our commitment to quality and continuous improvement in tourism, as well as distinguishing Barceló from its competitors.

Thank you for granting us this award!

Wellness Delight

Wellness Delight

All establishments awarded the Islas Canarias Wellness Delight seal have demonstrated that they have complied with a series of requirements defined by Promotur Turismo Canarias S.A., guaranteeing the provision of specific products and services required by Health & Wellness Tourism.

Establishments that achieve the Islas Canarias Wellness Delight seal offer their guests exclusive wellness treatments and services using the Canary Islands’ own distinct natural resources (aloe vera, volcanic stones, etc.).

Looking after our health and wellness has become a vital experience in developed countries and is now part of the contemporary cultural package, which is why it is gradually becoming a prime consideration when defining and planning a trip.

The importance of this segment in terms of attracting new tourism, its contribution to the de-seasonalisation of demand and its complementary nature to other segments of the Canary Islands' tourist services, make Health & Wellness Tourism a key segment in the Islands' international tourism promotion. This value increases exponentially where promotion of this tourism segment complements the offer aimed at the high-end tourist profile through the golf and water sports segments.

Volcanic experience

Volcanic Experience

Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience is the brand of quality that distinguishes the islands as the favourite destination for those who want to really enjoy nature and life in a way that is respectful to the environment and sustainable for the local population, ensuring that they don't lose their personality. Tourists can take a unique experience home with them and feed back their experiences to potential future tourists. This is why tourists are increasingly requesting tourism experiences which are active, cultural, culinary and immersed in nature, in other words, Volcano Tourism.

The Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience seal certifies the Canary Islands' global offer of tourism services in this segment, and may be used by the different tourist agents in the Canary Islands that comply with the quality requirements defined by Promotur.