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Map of Mexico

Map of Ixtapa

Extra information

Currency: the official currency is the Mexican Peso, though the American Dollar is accepted in most of the country

Official time: UTC - 7.

Official language: Spanish

Population: Approximately 87 million inhabitants

Electricity: the power supply in Mexico is 110 V. The plugs have 3 flat prongs.

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Destination information


With a total surface area of almost 2 million km2 and a wide variety of climates and landscapes, Mexico offers its visitors a range of natural landscapes, criss-crossed by more than 23 million hectares of protected natural reserves, typical villages, colonial cities, archeological sites from ancient cultures and an infinite range of festivities, colors and tastes.

With 29 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Mexico has become a travel must where you can enjoy the vibrancy of its people, the depth of its traditions and excellent service in all its destinations, which will make your trip unforgettable.

Visit Mexico and allow yourself to be seduced by its rich and spicy cuisine, its nights of magic accompanied by a good tequila and the openness and warmth of its people.

Description of the area

Ixtapa is a paradise located in the northeast region of the State of Guerrero, in Mexico. This beautiful region has an enviable, dependable climate all year round and modern shopping centers, stunning restaurants, various activities and numerous attractions, as well as tranquility and an impeccable environment.


Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world and its closely related to its history, since after centuries of fusion between two great cultures, the best of each of them remains in its cuisine. In addition, the diversity of its climates and regions offer a wide abundance and variety of vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood.

The cuisine from Guerrera is one of those that has best preserved its original character and roots.

In addition, in the region of Costa Grande you can enjoy its traditional pozole (a traditional pre-Columbian soup or stew), as well as its wide variety of dishes based on freshly caught fish and seafood, or its original tiritas (fish cooked in lime juice) that will awaken your senses and turn all your dining experiences into a real treat for your palate.


Dolphinarium: babies, children and adults can have the fantastic and unforgettable experience of swimming with dolphins.

Golf: you can enjoy two 18-hole golf courses, one of which is located opposite the hotel.

Playas de Ixtapa:

El Palmar: Over two kilometers long; an ideal place to enjoy the sunset.
Playa Quieta: with its gentle swell, this is an ideal place for swimming, kayaking and windsurfing.
Playa Linda: fine sands and a gentle swell. In addition, you can horse ride, take a tour of the island of Ixtapa and visit the famous crocodile sanctuary.

Playas Zihuatanejo: a stunning bay more than 14 km long and divided into 4 beaches.

Principal: a fishing port, which adjoins the city center.
La Madera: with its gentle swell and a name dating back to colonial times.
La Ropa: one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Grande.
Las Gatas: shallow waters with a legendary natural breakwater formed from rocks.

Isla de Ixtapa: an island with four beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Water sports
: for beginners and professionals.

Fishing: Ixtapa is the world’s second largest destination for fishing.

Surfing: in Ixtapa you will find beaches that are ideal to for surfing.


Whether you want to purchase typical suits in an arts and crafts market, or whether you prefer to buy designer clothes from one of Ixtapa’s many boutiques, this region has shopping areas where you can buy all types of clothing.

And if it is souvenirs you are looking for, both Ixtapa’s and Zihuatanejo’s arts and crafts markets house a huge selection of hand-painted ceramics, as well as hammocks, tablecloths, traditional embroidered clothing and fabrics, hand-painted masks that are typical of the region and a wide variety of artistic pieces from other parts of the country.

You will also find a wide variety of silverware with beautiful original designs, made by artists from the city of Taxco Guerrero, which is known as Mexico’s silver capital.