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Cocktail in Suite

Cocktail in Suite

An experience that you can only enjoy at Royal Hideaway Corales Resort. In-Suite Cocktails has been designed by the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort innovation team, creating an innovative format that offers all our guests the possibility of enjoying the best bartending and cocktail experience in different private formats.

Option 1 – In Suite Cocktails

Our private offers. In-Suite Cocktails has to your room All the glamour and elegance of a cocktail bar attended by our Barmanic team. The standard option includes 2 hours of absolute relaxation and privacy where our barits invite you to take a trip through the now and in the usual cocktails. Its room transformed into a pleasant environment where you can enjoy your favorite cocktails.

Option 2 - In Suite Cocktails - Room 1920

Discover our 1920 secret room. A secret for a little lucky group gives you access to one of the surprising experiences of the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort. A true one “Speakeasy” of the 20 facilities designed by our hotel team. Decorated with complimentary music, welcoming lighting and the exclusive service of our bartenders.


1 hour prior to the time of the booking

We ask our guests to leave the room to proceed with the facilities.

60 minutes

Multisensory experience with flavors and aromas of the histo-à-cocktail restaurant. Personalised delivery of food.

15 minutes – Blind wine tasting

Looking for the experience of the experience, we provide the participants with mask for sleeping and resting around the table we recommend a variety of ingredients, flavors, aromas and textures with the intention of creating a delightful and deep sensorial palate which will help you appreciate our deeply and best knowledge of each of the suggested staff.

45 minutes - Complimentary tasting session

We offer a previously selected tasting menu with the wine tasting service within a prior proposal.

Total duration of the experience approximately 2 hours


- €95 + IGIC per person (2 hours)

Special 2 people

Additional hour €40 per person

- All reservations: corales.royalconcierge.suites@royalhideaway.com or Extension 3010.

- We ask our guests to book a 48 hour advance notice.

- Cancellation: 24 hours before.

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