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A place in which to slow down and connect with nature

Over 25 years ago, Dr Egli, a successful Swiss businessman and lawyer, imagined an idyllic place where he could make his dream of living in the heart of Andalusia

And so the magnificent 350-hectare complex called La Bobadilla was born, amidst forests of oak, holm oak, almond and olive trees, between the cities of Málaga and Granada. A wonderful place where you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature and gently awakened in the morning by birdsong. A place to feel the spirit of Andalusian poetry and a slower, more leisurely way of life. A place to share with friends. To enjoy life.

La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel and member of the Barceló Hotel Group, is the perfect destination for couples or families.

“Fast living is not living,
vivir, it is surviving”.

Carl Honoré

A sustainable hotel par excellence in Andalusia and an example of Spanish Eco-Charm, this 5-star hotel is Slow Travel at its finest. This way of understanding travel, from an unhurried point of view, avoiding marathon-like activities and in accordance with the Slow movement, champions the possibility of living a full and tranquil life, allowing each individual to own and control their own vital journey.

La Bobadilla is the ideal place to set aside the idea of a hotel as simply a stop-off point, to forget about the time and to just enjoy nature, reading, walking, or talking around the table after enjoying some quality food.

The hotel in itself is an invitation to get away from society both physically and emotionally, overcome fatigue and fully enjoy a creative break. This is also possible thanks to the walls, courtyards and fountains in this Nasrid palacé hidden in the mountains of Loja.

La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, represents the concepts of luxury and sustainability. To achieve this, numerous protocols and measures have been implemented in accordance with its environmentally-responsible philosophy.

The hotel has reduced its CO2 emissions by 80% and its energy consumption by 45%. To achieve these significant figures, a pioneering biomass plant has been installed, replacing the propane gas with fuel from olive pits obtained from the olive grove in which the complex is located.

The use of eco-friendly and chemical-free products and detergents in cleaning processes is another initiative implemented by the hotel.

This commitment also extends to our Spa & Wellness centre, which heats its waters using the biomass plant. Furthermore, the treatments offered only use 100% natural ingredients with organic and bio-active properties, certified by ECOCERT.

The swimming pool, with a capacity of 1,619,000 litres of water, has its own filter system and has been treated with a waterproof product imported directly from New Zealand.

The architecture in the complex follows the standards of the ancient palaces in Andalusia, enabling the complex to naturally maintain constant and suitable temperatures, thanks to its courtyards and shaded areas.

In short, the hotel deserves its status as a Spanish Eco-Charm establishment, given its commitment to sustainability and the incredible natural environment it.


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