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In-Suite Cocktail

In-Suite Cocktail

A unique experience that you can only enjoy at the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort. In-Suite Cocktails is an experience designed by the innovation team at the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort. They have created a new and original concept that gives every hotel guest the chance to enjoy an unbeatable bar and cocktail experience in various private settings.

Option 1 – In-Suite Cocktails

The most intimate experience we offer. In-Suite Cocktails brings all the glamour and elegance of a cocktail bar to your room, staffed by our team of bartenders. The standard service includes 2 hours of total relaxation and privacy courtesy of our bartenders, who will invite you on a journey of discovery via cocktail recipes old and new. Your room will be transformed into the perfect setting in which to enjoy your favourite cocktails.

Option 2 – In-Suite Cocktails – Room 1920

Discover our secret room, number 1920. A secret password, known only to a lucky few, provides access to one of the most surprising experiences at the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort. An authentic speakeasy from the 1920s, designed by our hotel team. Music from the era, cosy lighting and exclusive bartender service all combine to set the scene.


1 hour before the time of booking

We ask guests to leave the room in order for us to set up.

60 minutes

Multi-sensory experience with flavours and aromas from the history of cocktail-making. Personalised merchandise.

15 minutes – Blind tasting

To create an extra special experience, we provide participants with eye masks. Once seated at the table, we suggest different ingredients, flavours, aromas and textures to try, aiming to prepare the palate for a more profound, multi-sensory appreciation of each cocktail suggested.

45 minutes – Cocktail tasting

According to the tasting menu chosen in advance in conjunction with the blind tasting menu suggested in advance.

Total duration of the experience approx. – 2 hours


- €95 + IGIC per person (2 hours)

Minimum 2 people

Extra hour €40 per person

- Booking method: corales.royalconcierge.suites@royalhideaway.com or Extension 3010.

- We ask clients to book at least 48 hours in advance.

- Cancellation: 24 hours in advance.

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