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9236 reviews

One of the best hotels in its class in Cancun.
On Marlin Beach, with white sand and turquoise water
An exclusive concept of Premium Level services and facilities



9576 reviews

Located on a beautiful bay with white sand and crystal clear water
Spectacular swimming pool with lounging area
Sensational restaurants and all inclusive service

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Cancún is a privileged area for nature that has gone from a small town surrounded by jungle, along the coastline with a small fishing village, making it one of the most outstanding tourist centers in Mexico. Los all inclusive resorts and hotels in Cancún currently make up one of the best-rated tourist offers in the Caribbean and undoubtedly one of the most exclusive. Book one all inclusive vacations in Cancún, discover the earthly paradise desired for those looking for sun and beach in an exclusive environment.

The most famous 'snake's nest' in the world

Among the many meanings attributed to the toponymy of the place is the ‘serpents’ nest’, a reference derived from the Mayan language which appears to originate from the particular elongated form of the geographical accidents of the coastal strip. Most of the all inclusive hotels and resorts in Cancún are concentrated here, a small Eden immersed in palm groves, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters which seem to be designed for water sports.

Cancun's fame extends far beyond the country’s borders and every year visitors from around the world flock to its shores, confident that even a few days of vacation here will leave long-lasting memories.

Not least known than the beaches and luxury hotels with all inclusive in Cancún, such as Occidental Costa Cancún, they are the archaeological sites of the Pre-Hispanic stage. Places such as The Meco or El Rey, where today the iguanas are inhabited, it was important commercial enclaves from the Mayan villages in the area. There are so many remains of this civilization that even golfers can find one of its temples in Pok ta Pok, the most important golf course in Cancún which takes its name from a Mayan ball game.

Reasons for choosing Cancún for your all inclusive holiday

The international popularity of hotels in the Mexican Caribbean is not by chance. These establishments, among which the Barceló Hotel Group offers, has been working in the tourism sector for decades and renovated their holiday catalog all year round with the aim of always offering a first class product.

An all inclusive holiday in Cancún is above all a vital experience, an opportunity to enjoy every moment without any worries that normally arise on conventional trips: where to eat, visit and, most importantly, how to spend time free to feel that you are taking advantage of the stay.

This type of all inclusive resort in cancun, such as Occidental TucancúnIt has a formula that is perfectly designed to provide guests with all the essential services during their exclusive vacation: various restaurants with different culinary specialties, 24/7 self-service cafés, musical shows and themed night-time parties, sports activities in spectacular panoramic swimming pools and access to dream beaches just a few steps from the rooms. Therefore, it is a holiday concept where comfort, entertainment and good taste are guaranteed, with a wide range of opportunities for personalization, without the need for the traveler to manage the details of their stay.