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Accessible from Rome's airports and the shuttle service
Spacious rooms with balconies
Panoramic restaurant

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The so-called Eternal City has much more than just history. Rome is an outdoor museum, a small party on each terrace and one of Europe's most enchanting cities. Visit comfortably from the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Rome allow you to discover it with tranquility without missing out on one of its charm. The City of Dolce Vita is brimming with plans and promises.

Our suggestion: discover Rome at a leisurely pace from the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Rome.

History and Italian flavor

The Italian capital is full of monuments, charming streets and lively squares where people sell and enjoy an ice cream or a slice of artisan pizza. The flavors of different pasta recipes and the scent of coffee blend on their terraces. All this in an urban center with over three thousand years of history, in which avant-garde and modern hotels like the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Rome, coexist with the Pantheon or the Trevi Fountain.

Perhaps one of the most iconic areas of the city is the triangle formed up of Colosseum, Piazza del Popolo and the Vatican– stars of the classic holiday in Rome. Between the flutes of daily life and archaeological ruins such as the Forum, the Theatre of Marcellus and the Torre di Largo Argentina (where Julius Caesar assassinated), you will find the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Rome, perfect for business trips.

Vatican City: a country within a city

A sovereign country that only exists and is possible in Rome, very well connected to Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Rome. With ever-expanding museums and a glimpse of Bernini's statues on entering Piazza San Pietro, the Vatican houses a work that marked a before and after in the history of art: the frescos of the Sistine Chapel


Live experiences as eternal as the city itself with comfort and good serviceBarceló Hotels Group hotels in Rome.