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Turkey is Europe and Asia, which is why the country is a unique mixture between East and West, between present and past. For the traveler this translates into a cultural wealth to be joining from the Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Turkey, ideal for making your stay a complete trip, full of local flavor and with all the comforts.

If you are looking for a destination in the East and another in the West, Turkey is your choice.

Natural magnificence from the Occidental Hotels & Resorts Turkey

Its geographical variety comes from its coasts. Turkey is bathed by the Black Sea to the north, the Marmara and Aegean in the west, and the Mediterranean to the south, as well as to combine the country with three different climate zones. A blend that Occidental Hotels know how to mix & Resorts in Turkey. From them you can enjoy yourself in comfort from spectacular Turkish nature that ranges from lush forests to the mountains through valleys, deserts, waterfalls and endless lakes and beaches.

The personification of fusion

Turkey has a historic legacy and a very special cultural tradition, fruit of a mix that can be found in its festivals, museums or its iconic bazaars.

It is also appreciated Miscelánea in its cuisine: in the south and the east, more spicy and tasty; and in the west, vegetables, seafood and olive oil. Soups, tea, raki or baklava welcome guests at Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Turkey ready to get to know the country for the palate.

Hotels in Istanbul, the jewel of the Bosphorus

Stay in Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Istanbul allow you to lose yourself in this magical city and discover jewels like the Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia. Obligatory activities for a trip to Turkey in the only city located between two continents. If the city is special, your stay can be so much more. 

If you want your visit to Turkey to be truly special, don’t hesitate to visit ourhotels in Turkey.