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You can aspire luxury, excellence and exclusivity from all kinds of activities. That’s why resort credit is a unique option for all those interested in traveling to enjoy idyllic experiences, designing their own personalized trip, while not exploring any of the attractions of their travel destination. Los Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts with Resort Credit they offer their own universe in the hotel, where everything is designed to discover new sensations without deviating from the main objective of the trip: complete connection with the destination.

All the facilities to enjoy unique experiences

With Resort Credit, Guests can enjoy discounts and advantages on unforgettable experiences to take their stay to a higher level of exclusivity. With special Spa extras, treatments, excursions and special experiences to be immersed in the destination, romantic dinners or sports activities adapted to the different moments of the year, as well as guests’ preferences, travelers will be rewarded for their choice of accommodation in the Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels Resorts with Resort Credit.

From the Caribbean to the Canary Islands: the best luxury hotels with Resort Credit

From the idyllic Riviera Mayto the volcanic coasts of the Canary Islandss, the Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts with Resort Credit reward guests with exclusive discounts that reward the confidence and loyalty of guests by offering excellence in each of the services and facilities designed to add, to the experience, the perfect elements for each one. This is how luxury travel should be.

Discover the Barceló Hotel Group hotels with resort credit.