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Greece is a country of myths, culture, history, art, customs and life. In any corner of the country, you can find traces of times gone by and see a range of art forms on display. A country of stunning beauty whose coastlines mingle with dreamy landscapes.

Discover Ermioni and enjoy an incredible vacation on the beaches of the Peloponnese.

Some of its most enchanting villages are just some of its most enchanting villages, such as Ermioni, the famous island of Hydra. A tranquil refuge full of magical hideaways to lose yourself in while discovering the secrets of the Greek peninsula.

This is precisely one of Greece’s greatest charms. There are a large number of beaches and a wide variety bathed by different seas: the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the country's islands, each with its own personality, and the marvelous corners to explore the crossroads of cultures and civilizations.