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The Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts brand is based on luxury sector accommodation in very special locations. Destination hotels providing a luxury experience.

Special and exclusive venues linked to art and culture with brand values that focus on authenticity, attention to detail, and discretion.


Barceló Hotels & Resorts is targeted at establishments with surprising concepts that are looking to provide guests with the exclusivity of an original experience.

Cutting-edge hotels and vacation and urban resorts offering innovation and creativity, with brand values that highlight the local area and its culture.


The Occidental Hotels & Resorts brand, with our claim ‘There for you’, aims for variety and simplicity, especially designed for our guests to enjoy an experience based on tranquility and comfort.


Hotels and vacation and urban resorts to enjoy active leisure in special destinations designed for younger guests seeking something to ensure more fun and activity.

The hotels Allegro they are the perfect place to enjoy life; a space where you can feel free and let yourself be captivated by energy and optimism.