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9236 reviews

One of the best hotels of its category in Cancun
On Marlin Beach, with white sand and turquoise water
An exclusive concept of Premium Level services and facilities



9570 reviews

Located in a beautiful bay of white sand and crystal clear waters
Spectacular pool with a lounger area
Sensational restaurants and all inclusive service

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Sun loungers, a sea breeze and a strip of white sand disappearing into the water. This is the typical image of Mexico, and everyday life at Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cancún. This area in the heart of the Caribbean boasts 22 kilometres of stunning beaches, most notably Tucancún and Playa Linda. You’re sure to find the ideal one for you.

Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cancún knows better than anybody how to offer a relaxing holiday in the Mexican Caribbean.

Relaxation and comfort with a Caribbean flavour

On a route taking in coves and crystal-clear seas, both colourful fishing villages and modern resorts and hotel complexes stand out above the vegetation. Here, quality is the calling card of Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cancún, each adapted to suit every guest.

You’ll be enamoured by the tranquillity of beaches such as Playa Linda, just a short walk away from Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cancún, where you can practise surfing, diving, kayaking and windsurfing. Meanwhile, the town centres are home to excellent shopping centres, restaurants and craft markets.

The rich culture takes centre stage in museums and galleries and filters through to daily life. Here, the pace of life flows along winding streets, parks, and markets selling clothes and food that ranges from delicious seafood recipes to meat cooked on the grill. The restaurants of Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Cancún participate in the culinary charms of Mexico with a menu designed to surprise you.

A trip through Mayan history

Very nearby are three important Mayan ruins: Coba, Tulum and Chichén Itzá, which are revealed as the highlight of a day of sun and relaxation by the sea. Chichen Itzá is famous for its great stepped pyramid, while Coba has a intricate system of elevated roads, and Tulum boasts the remains of a sea port. You will understand why people claim that Cancún has it all.

Discover perfect accommodation among the hotels of the Barceló Hotel Group in Cancún.