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555 reviews

Good transport options and only a short distance from the Prague Congress Centre
Modern convention centre with capacity for 450 people
Parking in the hotel's private garage, in the car park or in the outdoor parking area.



1273 reviews

Accessible from Rome’s airports and with a shuttle service
Large rooms with balconies
Panoramic restaurant

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If pets are man’s best friend, of course they should be a part of their owner’s leisure and relaxation time so we don’t need to worry about where and with whom to leave them, and instead enjoy the destination together. That is the philosophy that inspires the Occidental Hotels & Resorts for pets to offer a stay during which pets are perfectly looked after.

Dips in the Mediterranean

For those travellers with pets wishing to let off steam, areas such as the Costa del Sol are destinations where you can enjoy everything. And for pets brave enough to cross the sea, the islands offer beaches, rest and great weather. The Occidental Hotels & Resorts for pets invite guests and their pets to enjoy a stay in total comfort.

Cultural getaways with pets included

If travelling and soaking up culture go hand in hand for you, the cities in the south offer fascinating urban centres in addition to great beaches. These destinations are ideal for discovering in good company, strolling around the most interesting spots and enjoying the cuisine on offer in meccas of good food (to suit all tastes).

It’s the company rather than the destination that matters: that’s why, the Occidental Hotels & Resorts for pets offer all the comforts so that including your pet as a travelling companion is never an inconvenience but quite the opposite: facilities and services to make travelling with your pet a real pleasure.

Travelling with company? Discover all the Barceló Hotel Group hotels for pets.