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Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri


2897 reviews

The best Andalusian cuisine at hotel restaurants
On the seafront in Chiclana de la Frontera
The largest Spa and Wellness Centre in Andalusia

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Poets have said that this is a region with soul, with spirit. This unique essence that translates into art, culture and history is what makes the south of Spain such a special holiday destination. The wide selection of all inclusive hotels and resorts in Andalusia can only be matched by its great potential as a holiday setting. No matter which part of the map you find yourself in, there’s always a reason for celebrating your stay in this region of fusion, traditions and flavours that give life a distinctive touch. Enjoying these pleasures is a luxury that is within the reach of any kind of traveller. All you have to do is make a booking, head south and go with the flow.

All inclusive holidays in Andalusia, land of traditions

Andalusia claims to be one of the most fun-loving parts of the country, and it’s not just a cliché. The people of Andalusia have an open, cheerful nature that is as much a part of them as their liking for good food, their respect for traditions or their passion for popular celebrations. The highest demand for all inclusive establishments in Cádiz comes at significant moments on the calendar for the province such as the Horse Fair Show or the historical reenactment of the capture of the village of Zahara. Meanwhile, to find all inclusive accommodation in Huelva it’s a good idea to book in advance if you want to visit during the Colombus Festivals.

This attachment to roots is charming to visitors as well as being a driving force behind daily life. All the provinces have a busy calendar of celebrations and these have made it possible to preserve the essence of this region and for deep-rooted customs to be passed along to many new generations.

A tour of Andalusia’s greatest beauty

If you are considering a holiday with all inclusive service in Andalusia, we recommend choosing your base and discovering the delights in the surrounding area. An all inclusive stay in Malaga is a great option if you want to be delighted by the wonderful monuments and/or landscapes.

But the experience of the renowned destinations in Andalusia is not limited to their heritage value: it is also present in the facilities of the all inclusive hotels and resorts in Andalusia. With their activity programmes, modern rooms and wide selection of themed restaurants, staying at one of these establishments also means learning more about the essence of the south. The most relaxed and glamorous part will enable you to enjoy a refreshing cocktail by the pool or see a magnificent sunset from the terrace of your luxury room.

These leisure options are complemented by the programme of activities inside and outside the hotel that are designed taking into account the options available at different times of the year and give added value to the wide array of fairs and celebrations that characterise the calendar in Andalusia..